Your business’s facade includes all of the visual elements consumers see as they approach the building, including the signage, doors and display windows. Every business person knows that fresh paint and clear signage are standard tools to improve your exterior’s appearance, but there are several other features to consider as well. Get to know these tools and features that make your business’s facade an unforgettable vision.

LED Lighting

Make your business known by using a modern tool called LED lighting. These light-emitting diodes are actually electronic components that can be purchased in nearly any color imaginable. Outfit your main sign with LED lights so that it’s visible during the day and night. The emitted light is bright enough to be noticeable, but it won’t bother your neighbors with too much brightness. LED signs look professional so that your facade has a welcoming feature that draws in the crowds.

Retractable Awnings

Awnings give a business a comfortable appearance. They offer shade on hot days while protecting you from rain during stormy conditions. Add your business’s name to the awning as a way to welcome people inside. Ideally, choose a retractable awning so that it can be protected during after-hours. Be sure to pull the awning out each day as a way to signal that you’re open for business. Awnings tell customers that you’re here for them as each business day passes by.


Maintaining your business’s exterior is a constant chore. If any element looks worn or broken down, this fact reflects poorly on the company. Some companies, such as Savage Scaffold & Equipment Co., know that you can purchase or rent scaffolding so you can reach every corner of the facade. Detail the siding with new paint, or clean off the cornices for a neat appearance. The scaffolding keeps you safe while fine details are dealt with on a regular basis. Any work performed without the scaffolding may be too dangerous to complete.

Open-Link Security Gates

When your business is closed, it should still have an attractive appearance. Solid, security gates are impersonal and attract graffiti. Add open-link gates to the facade so that the display windows are protected yet visible. Graffiti cannot appear on these gates, and your customers will still see your inventory as they pass by after hours.

Be aware of the historic aspect in the neighborhood. Your business might be housed in a facade that’s decades old. Highlight the historical value of the building so that it reflects positively on your business. The neighborhood that you serve will support you when respect is part of your business practices.