You cannot survive in the modern business world without an online presence – this is more true today than ever before, and yet some people think that just throwing up a website or jumping into Facebook will unlock the vault to King Midas –like riches, but nothing could be further from the truth. With the barrier of entry becoming lower and lower for anyone to create a literally global business with next to no capital and little technical knowledge, you need to beat the competition by driving traffic to your site on a consistent basis. And though there are a million and one different ways to pull this off, the two major schools of thought are the SEO and search engine techniques and what is being called “Content Marketing”. Here’s the skinny on each and how you can leverage them to boost your business.

We are seeing more and more diversified traffic coming in to our sites, and content marketing is playing a major role in not only getting the word out and pushing people our way but also doing a bit of relationship management and pre-selling in the process

When the web was in its infancy and people we unaware of how to find what they were looking for, the search engines became the biggest thing in the tech world. Never before were you able to find exactly what you were looking for with just a simple search, and their power has grown to where they are now – Google is one of the biggest and most powerful companies in the world all because they do web search the best.

Tapping into the power of the search engines to push traffic your way was critical in the older iterations of the web, but today people are trusting all kinds of other traffic sources to find what they are looking for. Rather than allow themselves to get sucked into the top few Google results, they are reading what their friends share and finding new products and services through content – blog posts, videos, and social media. This is a powerful traffic source you need to learn how to leverage and it is emerging as one of the most important ways to get eyeballs to your page.

While content marketing is representing a powerful new trend in traffic generation, you cannot ignore the power of Google and the other search engines for brining you floods of targeted traffic

This is not to say that the search engine rankings are dead by any means – they are still the predominant way to get people to your site as quickly and effectively (not to mention cheaply) as possible. Ranking high in Google is still a major goal for businesses, and though you need to diversify your traffic sources to protect yourself you should also be looking to lock up as many top 5 spots as possible in the SEO world.