Now that Apple has recently discontinued manufacturing its consumer grade Macbook laptops, consumers wanting an Apple laptop have two choices: the Macbook Pro or the MacBook Air. Both have pro’s and con’s as these laptops have different styles, features, and prices.

Which MacBook is right for you?

  1. Weight: In March, the 2011 MacBook Pro was the newest laptop coming out. It is now the oldest. This laptop is a lot heavier than the 13-inch Air. That makes it a little less convenient to carry around.
  2. Performance: I used to recommend the Pro as the best laptop that you could buy from Apple. It performed well, had a good price, and was well built. Now the Macbook Air has caught up. It has a core i5 CPU that makes this computer just as good as the Pro. The 11 inch Air is not a bad choice either. It is a little slower with less RAM, but still a great computer choice.
  3. Battery Life: We have to say that the Air and Pro batteries are about the same now. In March we voted for the Pro. Now that the Air has upgraded they are about even. Both of these laptops will last for about six hours and forty minutes.
  4. Bonus Features: The 13 inch Pro is our favorite when it comes to extras. There is a larger hard drive with the pro and a dvd-burner. The high definition webcam is another great feature. The Pro also offers an Ethernet jack and FireWire port. The Air has a nice HD resolution display though. It compares better than the Pro in that regard.
  5. Best Value: The Pro is your best bet unless you really care about size and weight more than anything else. The 13-inch MacBook Pro has more features and is a great laptop for the price. It also offers more hard drive space along with an optical drive. There is just a small margin of difference when it comes between the Pro and the Air though. For people that do a lot of traveling, they might like the lighter weight MacBook Air more. It is also smaller and now has a great battery life. Some people might even prefer the tiny 11-inch Air. It is a good choice for people that are trying to save some money.
  6. Prices: The 11-inch Air is the most affordable option. You can get it for $999.00. You will not get a lot of storage space if you choose this laptop though. The Pro is $1,199. It is expensive, but still the best value for your money in the long run. Some educational discounts will let you get the entry-level Pro for $1,099. You can also get the entry-level Air for $1,249. You might also consider the $499.00 Ipad or a Windows laptop.

If money is not an object for you than we suggest getting the 13 inch Air with an upgraded processor and Thunderbolt-connected storage along with a Thunderbolt Display for docking. If you have the money, then this is the way to go.

The Pro is the best value for your money, but the Air is in many people’s eyes a better portable laptop. Choose the one that will work best for you.