“Create your own visual style…let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” –Orson Welles

We all have different preferences and tastes when it comes to fashion. Its manifestation is something we call style and each and every one of us has a distinct style that would set us apart from others. Unfortunately, over the years, we can get stuck or get caught up with a particular fashion fad that would start to show in our ensembles. While this is not necessarily bad, it can hold you back from having impeccable style. You might be attached to the items of your wardrobe, but as you mature and grow older, it is imperative to also let your style evolve. In this regard, you should routinely refine your fashion choices to ensure that you would always look your best. If you find yourself still wearing yesteryear’s urban streetwear or choosing between outdated and obsolete outfits, it might be high time to reevaluate your fashion options and do a wardrobe overhaul.

In any case, here are the signs your closet might need a face lift:

  1. Some of your tops can double as pajamas

Some of us are guilty of sleeping in the tops or blouses we have worn before. While that is entirely okay, having tops and blouses that double as pajamas is another story. If your once cute blouse is now a bit overstretched, stained, faded or even pit-stained, it might be best to just consider them as pajamas and never wear them in public.

  1. The last piece of clothing you bought could fit pre-teen girls

Having small clothes might serve as an inspiration for you to get back on track and lose the weight you have gained over the years. Unfortunately, you have to be a bit realistic here; do you really see your forty year old self fitting into the pair of jeans you once had in college? If not, you are only messing with your head. Let us face it, who wants to open their closet only to see clothes you would be unable to wear? Instead, buy clothes that fit and you can wear; it will do wonders in speeding up the process of getting ready each morning.

  1. Your closet is full but “you have nothing to wear”

You might have a whole range of clothing ensembles that looked cute once, but are only appropriate to wear at certain occasions. Furthermore, opening your closet doors would make you protest that you have nothing to wear. So, why are you still hanging on to this cornucopia of clothes you do not see yourself wearing? You want a wardrobe full of clothing options you DO WANT to wear, not a confusing heap of outfits that you do not want. Whenever you go out shopping, remind yourself to buy things that would not only fit the body that you have, but also the kind of lifestyle you lead.

  1. All of your jeans have rips and holes in them

Sure, tattered and distressed jeans are all the rage and seem to be the modern trend. In fact, it is almost impossible to find a girl who does not own at least one pair of this very much coveted jeans trend. However, while owning one is perfectly acceptable, having only distressed and tattered styles dominate your closet is not. If all your jeans or the only pair of jeans you have in your wardrobe is filled with holes and tatters, consider an update. Invest on versatile styles that would look presentable on the streets, as well as on casual days in the office.

  1. You cannot fit anything into your nice purse

In an effort to inject a bit of flair and lavish elegance to your closet, you bought a designer purse. Unfortunately for you, the only purse that was within your budget happens to be the small one that was significantly cheaper than the rest. It might look like a bargain, but if you are suffering through having to place your things in other bags instead of one main one all in the name of status quo, you might want to rethink your strategy. While it is not bad to invest on designer items, at least invest on the designer things you can use and take full advantage of.