The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held every January to allow manufacturers to introduce their latest and greatest in upcoming product lines, has just wrapped its 2012 event, which was held in Las Vegas, Nevada. With over a million square feet of bells and whistles to compete for one’s attention, there were some truly standout products introduced this year, and some really silly ones, as well. These gadgets are some of the silliest displays of technology research and development to grace the floor. After reviewing them, one may wish that what was displayed in Vegas, stayed in Vegas.

The iNuke Boom

Certainly, one could not consider this seven hundred pound square a boom-box. Made to dock an Apple iPod or other mobile music device, this is a pricey piece of furniture. When so many speakers are manufactured to produce high-quality, large sound at only a few square inches, why would one want to re-arrange the den around to house this humongous, ugly, black rectangle that resembles equipment one may find at a large concert arena? Listed at close to $30,000, one could install a theater-quality surround sound system. Since boom-boxes are usually carried on the shoulder, this one needs a new name as well.

Sony Digital Camera Sock Case

Looking like 1980’s legwarmers, this knit camera case sock is as strange looking as it is horribly functional. Supposedly designed to protect a digital camera, it may avoid a few fingernail scratches, but would do nothing if the camera fell or was knocked around in a backpack or purse. The good news is that if one buys it because it is cute, which is the only way Sony advertises its distinction from other cases, it will only cost around $10. Of course, if one’s camera is sensitive to frostbite or likes to keep limber to dance, the sock will keep it warm as well.

Native Union POP Phone Handset for Cell Phones

The beauty of cell phones is that they are mobile. One of the things cell phone manufacturers try to achieve is making the lightest, slimmest, smallest equipment available. Usually, the smallest ones are the most expensive. So, why would one want to buy this handset that is not only heavy, but bulky? With most phones coming with speakerphone capability or hands-free devices, so why does one need a handset? If it appeals to someone who likes to grab, wouldn’t it have been easier to just develop an adapter to fit existing telephone handsets instead of creating more plastic junk? Unless one buys it to use as an example to teach children about “the olden days,” or as a barbell for occupational therapists or people over a hundred who want to lift weights, save the $30 and buy an ear-piece. Then, find some cans in the kitchen to use for strength training.

LG Smart Washer and Dryer

One would feel dumb, not smart, if they needed “Smart Diagnosis” technology to tell them something is wrong with their washer or dryer. Usually, a good indication is if the clothes do not come out clean, dry, or the machines do not turn on when one pushes the “on” button. One will need to call a repair person anyway, who is probably not going to listen to a machine tell it what is wrong as they are the experts. Unless the machine can fix the problem, too, with list prices on the LG website for a combo averaging $3,000, buying a top of the line “smart” washing machine may be a “dumb” decision. With the money saved, one can call the service guy 10 times over the life of the machine.