We love eating junk and cheesy foods as they are always yummy. In present lifestyle, we hardy get free time or time to look after ourselves. Do not worry, you are not alone. Many people dream to get themselves fitter and healthier, but most of the time the dream never comes true. I can assure you that healthy living is just like a moonwalk. Simple to follow in your daily schedules. Follow the three simple ways to make yourself fit and healthy.

Healthy way to breath

As soon as we get up, few deeps inhales and exhales will make our blood pure enough, by the exchange of gases, mainly kicking out the carbon dioxide and letting in the fresh oxygen which can help us to increase our metabolic rate. It can also be practiced by meditation during stress situations by paying attention to our breathing while inhaling thought your nose and exhaling through your mouth.

Healthy way to eat

The second way is by avoiding junk foods, if there is no option prefer low fat or low calorie food, or opt for kids meals. The amount of calorie present in the kids meals is far more sufficient for our daily metabolic activities. Fast food is readily available and really too tempting, cheap and fills our stomach and fills tons and tons of calories in our body. Instead we can add salads to our diet as they are high in fiber content and low in calorie and also help us avoid having more unhealthy food.

Fresh fruits are always advisable as are low calorie foods and high vitamins and mineral supplements. It is also better to have a hand full of dry fruits (almonds, cashews, dry dates, walnuts etc.) Around 3 pm as they have shown to raise energy levels and productivity.

Many people would like to have a cup of tea or coffee, but never stop with one when they are at work. At such times it would be better to take herbal teas or green teas.

Healthy way to workout

Get your muscles and blood at work while doing our routine activities. If you have stairs at your workplace or your residence, run up and down every 2-3 hours. Walk up just 30 min before your scheduled time and jog, practice light yoga move or get into some vigorous activities which will make you sweat and and burning a significant number of calories.

If you love to dance, then join an aerobics or a dance class. They are equal to 1 hour of your gym and exercise. You can dance at home, when no one is around you.

Yoga is always a better option for those who want to reduce their weight and maintain the prefect figure as it stretches and relaxes your muscles by putting them into action.