It isn’t uncommon for a person to have a smartphone, laptop and a tablet that he or she uses on a regular basis. In fact, it isn’t uncommon to have multiple laptops or multiple smartphones in one household. While technology can make life easier, it also means remembering your login password, finding a WiFi connection and securing your network. How can you simply the process of using technology without throwing out your devices?

Have Defined Roles for Each Device

An easy way to avoid having your devices take over your life is to have a defined role for each one. For instance, your laptop can be the device that you use to do work from home while your tablet is what you watch TV on. Your phone can then be used solely for making calls or playing games on the bus ride to work.

Connect Accounts Across Your Network

Syncing a laptop, tablet or smartphone across a single network can make it easy to access information no matter what one you use. This may be ideal for those who share a computer or other mobile devices with their kids or roommates. If you are going to sync your devices, make sure to have strong passwords in addition to having a secure network.

Manage Your Passwords

The average American has 19 different passwords. However, these passwords are not necessarily strong enough to secure those accounts. It may be a good idea to use a password manager, like Joinesty, that can help a person keep complicated passwords organized and accessible with the push of a button. Password manager software may also be able to make strong passwords on behalf of an account holder.

Know Which Features You Need

It is easy to want to upgrade to the most recent phone, tablet or laptop. However, it isn’t uncommon to get a new device only to not use most of its features. Resisting the urge to upgrade until there is a feature that you need may simply your relationship with technology. Instead of just getting something that looks cool, you will only get the few devices with the items that you actually need.

Having the flexibility to watch TV, play games or do work on a variety of devices is always a good thing. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get by without a tablet or only having a regular phone. Regardless of your choices, make sure that your devices are properly secured to avoid possible identity theft or other types of fraud.