Siri has been a signature app in the Apple’s flagship iPhone 4s. I would go on to say it has been the the reason for Apple’s newest success and the reasons why so many cash registers are ringing.

The moment one mentions iPhone 4S, the next thing that comes out of their mouth is the word “Siri”. However, is all the hype worth it? This post brings to light two of the most significant downfalls of the most recently heralded new technology improvement.

First Impression

At first, you’ll be impressed by the aptitude and the might of the Siri. It will have the answer to most of your questions irrespective of how preposterous it may sound.

Siri is not any conventional voice recognition software that takes in specific commands. Instead, it takes voice recognition a step further. It turns out, its intelligence can make for some great entertainment, aside from making your iPhone appear indispensable.

There are truckloads of videos and posts on the internet featuring the comedy one can enjoy with Siri. One such joke:

Me:  Will you marry me?
Siri:   Let’s just be friends.

I would even go on to say that it has the capabilities to be your personal assistant. Though, it has its share of shortcomings.

Battery Check

You can also see for yourself that Siri chews up the battery really fast, falsifying the bold claims of Apple. This is especially true with some of the reminders you can set.

Specifically, I have to use iCloud to add a reminder that will go off when I get home. When I set this kind of reminder, the GPS runs in the background, running down my battery. I must say it’s quite embarrassing to see a $650 phone giving up so easily.

I Beg Your Pardon

The forums on the internet have a common grouse that Siri may have clever answers, but it isn’t as sharp as a mosquito catcher. It failed to pick up the nuances of several accents, including Boston, Chelsea in England and Edinburg in Scotland. If you’ve paid the significant premium to have the services of Siri, you expect it to work.

Siri can perceive only English, German and French. In all these languages, it fails to pick up heavy accent. It also fails to respond beyond the boundaries of U.S. It did not perform at its best even in Canada, which shares direct boundaries with U.S. The female Voice Support is also only available in U.S. All these factors unequivocally highlight the shortcomings of Siri.

At the end, I would summarize it by saying, “You can hate it or you can love it, but you just can’t ignore it”.