Technology today has grown so much that gone are the days when you have to actually type things into your phone. Touch was the new thing with all the new cell phones now sporting the touchscreen technology with hardly some extreme low cost phones sporting non-touch screens. But even that seems to be becoming a thing of the past when you can actually talk to your phone in real time. The top 2 OS in the market today i.e. Android and iOS have introduced voice support features in their OS now. With this amazing feature, you can now actually talk to your phone and instruct them to do the tasks that you want.

Our main objective here is to pitch both iOS’s “Siri” and Android’s “Google Now” against each other and find out which one is the best among the two. We put both the Siri and Google Now through some basic tests like bringing out search results on the internet like the latest cricket score, news, local restaurants, etc. and we went on increasing the difficulty of the tasks at every step. The results are as follows:

1. We asked both the systems to bring out the latest Cricket score. Both the phones brought us the perfect score, but Google Now brought us the score faster whereas Siri brought us the score in a much detailed form. So they both have its own merits and demerits, but we gave this round to Siri.

2. Secondly we asked them to get some search results on the internet. Considering that Google is the God of all search engines, it gave us the results much quicker and accurately. And that included local restaurants and locations. Also when asked for some place, Google gave a much detailed location and also directions to the place considering Google’s mapping services are much superior. Point Google Now. One can pick out from a range of Pepperfry coupons to get a deal on devices coming with these voice assistants.

3. Then we asked both to open apps for us and both of them did an incredible job with it. The launch times were also pretty close so it is hard to say things in this case. But when we gave them instructions to do, like solve mathematical problems or ask general knowledge questions, Siri performed better of the two. Like for eg. When asked “what is 5+5” Siri replied with “10” but Google Now on the other hand took us to the Google search to search for tools for doing 5+5. So point Siri.

There is one thing to notice here is that, when we asked both a question, “Barack Obama” it replied us with all the information of him. But when we asked a follow up question to both “Who is his father?” Google Now remembered and gave us the name of his father, whereas Siri had no clue what we were talking about. This is one cool feature about Google Now.

4. Next we moved to Dictation. Both the systems lack in the dictation and it is very difficult to use it especially when you have an accent, but still Siri did a better job than the two. Also the punctuations have greater support in Siri and so is the formatting, but in case of Google Now, you can immediately see what you are typing, which is not the case with Siri. Also Google Now dictation also works offline but Siri does not; so both have equal weigh in in this case so we call it a tie.

5. Now for the physical aspect. Siri can be easily accessed by long pressing the only Home button. But Google Now needs to be accessed by going into the Google App and is not easily accessible from the home screen or lock screen itself; so if suppose you are driving, Google Now is not quite the ideal one from safety point of view. Point Siri.

We compared both Siri and Google Now and we have come to a verdict that overall Siri scores over Google Now over lot of aspects. But again both of them have their pros and cons so it’s up to you which one you prefer. But end of the day with both Google and Apple working hard to better their voice services every single day, both the services are going to match each other someday. Another thing that now Google Now is going to be available for iOS as well soon, so that is a plus point for Apple users.