Regular reading habits can expose one to several types of headlines, each of which have their own benefits. As a writer, one can try out an infinite number of permutations and combinations with these article headlines types. Some of the types of headlines have proven themselves repeatedly over the years. Below is a compilation of such headlines along with some tips and tricks. 

Next time, you have to write a headline, be sure to try out these tips to give yourself an edge and to attract your readers towards the article and at the same time to compel them to read and respond to it.

Simple and direct:

The simplest and the best way to create a catchy headline is to keep it simple and direct. The headline must mention the fact which is being discussed in the article at the same time summarizing it effectively to make the readers understand what exactly is inside the article. These types of headlines go directly into the heart of the matter without trying to sound clever or intrigue the reader.

These headlines do not try to explain the matter or play with words or even make funny jokes. These headlines go directly into the crux of the matter and are best used for known brands and market with which the customers and readers are familiar with.

What is the big benefit?

It is necessary to clearly mention what big benefit the article talks about. This way, the readers instantly know your USP and they need not go through the entire content to find out what unique you have to offer. These kinds of headlines target the right audience and even if they do not read the copy, they know your best selling point. They can always remember what they want to refer to in case they want to read it up in future. Because the headline directly talks about what they precisely want.

Make the exciting news known:

It is in the human nature to be curious. So, bring in the exciting feature of your article right to the headline and rest assured that the headline will grab the readers’ attention. The content of the article may not be something entirely new. It may simply be a new dimension that one may use to look at something very old. Readers are interested in knowing more about the things that they already know. The ‘exciting’ part in the headline itself directs them to the part that they want to know about the subject in your article.

Use the ‘How To’ feature in the headline:

It is another human nature to want to improve themselves and their lives. It is therefore necessary to address this instinct in the headline of the article. Learning how to increase the performance of some electronic device or finding out how to cook a certain dish may be very important for someone and even those readers who are looking for general information.

Asking a provocative question:

Asking a question that provokes the readers’ thinking is a sure shot way of attracting attention to the copy. These kinds of questions get the reader involved and they must be direct and clearly relate to the story that the article talks about. These questions must have the intention to get the readers answer them with a yes. Or at least urge them sufficiently to read the entire content. These questions in the headline address directly what is in the readers’ mind therefore is likely to have an audience who would like to know the answers that he / she is seeking for.

Command your readers:

It works! Tell your readers what to do. It is necessary to be direct. Talk about the benefit that one may get in the headline itself. Talk to the reader in a way that is acceptable to them. It sometimes works to put oneself in the shoes of the reader to know what one may be expecting from such an article. Understanding this basic need can guide one to effectively write content that addresses these very issues. Offer the solution to your readers in the headlines and deliver the promise in the content. This is sure to keep the readers hooked until the very end.