Storage units are no longer simply large sheds that come with locks. They now come equipped with a whole host of technologically advanced features that make them more valuable than ever before. Here is a look at six of the cool tech options you can get for your storage unit.

Alarm Systems

You can have your self storage unit installed with an alarm system that protects it 24 hours a day. This alarm system can be monitored or unmonitored. It will sound a loud alarm if someone tries to force the door to the unit. If it is a monitored alarm, the alarm will summon security help when it is triggered.

Smoke Alarms

These will protect your unit from fire. When the smoke alarm is activated, it will emit a loud noise that will bring the attention of anyone in the area. You can also get monitored fire alarms that will summon help when they go off.

Numeric Key Code Access

When your storage unit is protected by this feature, only someone who knows the correct numerical code will be able to gain entrance to your unit. This feature will protect you from thieves who are good at picking locks.

Surveillance Cameras

These cameras will be pointed at the entrance to your unit 24 hours a day. If a thief is foolish enough to tamper with your unit, they will be caught in video. Some storage facilities even allow their unit holders to watch the footage live on the Web.

Electric Fencing

Storage facilities with the highest level of security will have an electric fence around the perimeter. This is quite an effective deterrent against any thieves who wish to break into your storage unit.

High Powered Lighting

Thieves desire to work in the dark. The best way to scare them off is to make sure that they don’t have that ability. That is why the top storage facilities all provide high powered lighting that will keep your unit brilliantly illuminated at all times. This feature should be standard for any storage facility you consider.

There is no need to settle for a simple box and a lock these days. In the 21st century, storage units without all the latest tech features are not worth your time or money. Make sure to seek out storage units that come equipped with all the latest features to keep your possessions safe while you have them in storage.