Apple TV has had mixed reviews after being released on the market, and some skeptics think it’s not as great as people claim. While many Apple products might seem “over-hyped,” customers continually choose Apple for electronics time after time. For those who are unsure of the true quality of Apple TV, there are a few reasons why it offers more than you may think. From more entertainment options to a one-time fee, there are several reasons why Apple TV is increasing in popularity—read on to see why it might not be as overrated as you think.

A Variety of Entertainment Options

From hit series to blockbuster movies, Apple TV features the latest content from Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, Watch ESPN, and HBO Go for a wide selection when it comes to staying entertained. If you are sick of hooking up your computer or phone to the TV every time you want to watch a movie online, Apple TV will let you ditch the HDMI chord and enjoy all your favorite shows on a bigger screen.

Play Music through a Home Theater System

Apple TV allows users to stream their video library and music right through their television with the settings that are easy to control from an iPad or iPhone. It also has an organized and clear format that is simple and easy to use. You can create a dance party in seconds, or blast your best playlist while you clean the house without the need of fancy speakers. The TV will provide much more volume than your phone or tablet, which is optimal whether you are listening to music or watching a movie.

Exceptional Video and Sound Quality

Apple TV proves to have seamless functions and clear picture and sound quality that is perfectly compatible with Apple products as well as some non-Apple devices. Customers claim that the HD quality is exceptional for video and the sound is crisp. If worry that connecting other devices to the TV will make the visual choppy or provide low quality sound, you can be reassured by the fact that Apple uses advanced technology to ensure seamless usage and high quality sound and picture.

One-Time Fee

Instead of paying monthly for cable, Apple TV is just $99 upfront while still allowing you to access local channels through an antenna in HD without any added cost. Although you may miss out on a few of your favorite shows, they can be purchased on iTunes without having to get interrupted with commercials or ads. If you do most of your TV and movie watching online through sites like Netflix and Hulu, using Apple TV will allow you to finally drop your cable plan and have full access to your online shows.

You can Use your iPhone as a Remote

Instead of reaching for the remote each time you want to change the channel, Apple TV allows you to control the settings right from your iPhone and iPad with a free app. This is a great feature for parents who want to closely monitor what their children are watching, and how long they are using the TV for. You likely always have your phone by your side, so it eliminates the need for an extra remote that is always burning through batteries or getting lost in the couch.

Access to Thousands of Radio Stations

Whether you want to set the mood in your home or have some music on while cooking, Apple TV offers access to thousands of free radio stations in dozens of different categories. Users can avoid paying for monthly subscriptions and enjoy plenty of versatility with the choices. As mentioned earlier, you can hook up your Apple TV to a home theater system to get surround sound that permeates music in every room.

Apple TV may have had mixed reviews in the past, but the product proves to offer a long list of features that provide plenty of functionality to users. The device makes it easy to enjoy a number of entertainment options all in one place with exceptional sound and video included. The information for this article was provided by the Apple experts at appleshark.com who have an Apple trade in program for customer’s outdated, damaged, or unwanted Apple products.