Managing a business is often a struggle, but with the right combination of tools and gadgets, business owners can erase their daily struggles while they improve efficiency and reduce costs. Each and every year new tech gadgets are released to the market that change the way people live their lives and run their businesses. Some gadgets are more suitable for personal use, but there are some perfect applications that you can equip yourself with to make your business a huge success without spending too much money. Here are six must-haves that serve different purposes:

The Mobile and Internet-ready Tablet

While laptops can help you complete a project while you are traveling, if you do not need a full host of word processor applications but you do want convenient portability, the tablet is the answer. Tablets are light, portable, small, and easy to start-up. They are capable of doing anything from presenting information to accessing your email.

Business Applications that Give You Timely Intelligence On-the-go

With the right applications, you can turn the tablet you invested in into a powerful tool with an arsenal of features that provide you with intelligence that you would not have otherwise. By using an application from Steton Technology Group, you can run your company better and strengthen brand consistency. With technology like this, you will be able to access financial intelligence and performance real time so that you can take corrective action before a catastrophe happens or access forecasts when you implement business changes. There are hundreds of apps that you can fill up the memory of your tablet with, but be sure the apps you choose are reputable and offer a host of features instead of just one.

Document Scanners

It would be nice if you could just accept all invoices via email and sign all contracts electronically. While some companies are dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint, you will always have clutter on your desk because you need to collect receipts, cards, invoices, and more. With so many cloud-based systems that allow you to store your information in the cloud, a document scanner can be very beneficial so that you always can access your files and keep everything neat and organized.

The Pocket Printer

When you are at a conference or you are having a sales meeting, there is nothing more frustrating than forgetting to bring a form you needed to have on-hand. If you need to copy or print something while you are on-the-go, skip the trips to local libraries or office supply stores and use a pocket printer. Technology has been created that makes it possible to lay paper flat and place a device on the paper for printing. A great thing about the printer is that it is so small it will fit in your pocket.

Phone Credit Card Readers

Not everyone has a POS system that they can take with them, but virtually all business owners have smartphones. If you want to turn your smartphone into a full-blown POS system without paying a huge fee, you can invest in a phone credit card reader. The mobile credit card processing device connects to your phone and enables you to slide and collect money straight from your customer’s account in a safe manner.

Communications Docking Stations

It seems a bit counterproductive to have both a smartphone and a business phone in the office when you are trying to keep costs down. If you are not yet ready to expand and you would like to use your single mobile device as a business phone and personal on-the-go device, you can buy a docking station that transforms the smartphone into an ergonomic handheld receiver with speaker phone and better voice quality.

Tech gadgets are time savers, but they can also save you money. If used properly, business gadgets can actually be the determining factor in whether or not you will expand in the future. Try out some or all of these gadgets and note the difference.