In order for a business to succeed, there are a number of technology-related features that should be incorporated into a business plan for it to operate smoothly and efficiently. Today’s frenzied world cries out for common sense and organization in every aspect of business. The key is to choose trusted products and associates to help in the process. A successful business can become a reality with a little ingenuity and the right tools.

Internet Access

Reliability, consistency, speed and support are features that a business needs through its internet provider. In today’s business climate, high level negotiations and transactions are conducted through the internet, and without a steady signal and connection, a business has a lot to lose if a connection is dropped or down for hours on end. Smaller and larger businesses simply cannot operate today without the right kind of internet service. Local internet providers usually offer different packages based on the needs of their customers. Most high speed access packages should provide special rates that include both phone and internet bundles with unlimited phone calls, as well as internet access that provides 75 Mbps in downloads and 10 Mbps in uploads.

Latest Computers

Depending on the number of employees in a company, each one should have his or her own high-level computer that contains the right kind of operating system and software for conducting business communications, such as Microsoft Office Enterprise, which deals with every possible office-related function and tool aspect of day-to-day business operations. Computers that are normally used for straight business within an office environment should have sufficient memory, large hard drives, fast processors and screens that protect employees from eyestrain. Computers should be network configured with access to files and strong internet access. If large files are involved in a business that contains loads of information to be stored and used, more powerful computers with increased memory should be acquired to manage and store files.


With the number of hackers working full time to destroy and steal business and other data, security has to be utilized to back up and protect critical information. Both the local area network and the computers in use should have a hardware firewall and a software firewall for each computer. A plan has to be in place to prevent security disasters. Anti-virus protection is equally as important, which usually comes with other features that help detect and dispose of online threats, phishing, spamming, hoaxes and other suspicious activity. A network security specialist should be called in to ensure that the network, individual computers and online applications are configured to cover for security problems. Any personal or business information concerning finances, clients, social security, and issues that concern identity must be made safe.

Business Website

A business website is another must in the world of technology. Websites, both static and dynamic, can easily be built by a business owner, a web hosting company, or an individual web builder or designer. A start-up business could initially begin its website building with a more simple static site, and as the business develops, grows and increases, a more dynamic presentation could be incorporated that includes information valuable to customers, clients, business partners and employees. Making the site user-friendly and including information that customers can readily use to serve themselves is important for a business website. Lots of time is saved from answering phone calls and superfluous emails when a website is designed to directly serve clients or customers.

Professional Email

It is important for a business to utilize a professional e-mail address. An email address with the business name can be easily set up through a web hosting company or a technology consultant. A business should not use generic email addresses. If a business is regulated by local, state or the federal government, there must be a system established to collect and document such e-mails for protection of everyone involved.

Industry-Specific Technology

It’s important to customize your technology items and apps to your specific business. For example, tax practice software can be very helpful for many tax professionals. It allows professionals to better manage clients and daily tasks. If your business allows customers to buy items online, it’s important to get the right e-commerce website that can keep your customers’ sensitive information protected. No matter what industry you are in, there are a variety of apps and tech services that can help you stay organized and reach out to customers and clients.

Technology has taken businesses by storm and will only continue to be the major force that will propel new and older businesses into a competitive market. In order for a business to grow and survive, certain guidelines for business technology integration will have to be incorporated, or those start-ups and more seasoned businesses will be left in the struggle of doing things the hard way.