A computer purchase is an important investment. Make the wrong choice, and you may be stuck with an expensive item in your home that doesn’t serve your needs. Look for these six things when buying a new computer:

The Processor

The processor is the most important component of the computer. It can be compared to the “brain” of the computer. If your needs require you to perform extensive tasks on your computer such as music recording, graphic design or video editing, you will need a processor that is powerful enough to handle programs related to these tasks. Look also for a processor that is graphics-friendly if your focus is graphic design or video work.


If you are planning on using your computer for tasks more involved than emailing and word processing, do not buy a computer with a solid-state drive smaller than 250 GB or a hard-drive that contains less than 500 GB. These drives may cost a bit more than an economy setup, but will prevent crashes and provide an overall smoother experience.

Screen Size

Bigger is not always better when it comes to computer screen sizes. If you need to have many programs running at once, a large screen will serve you well, but opt for a smaller screen with a high-resolution if you’re seeking detail and clarity.

Battery Life

Check the spec sheet on your future computer to determine how many cells the battery contains. A computer battery can have two, three or four cells.

Graphics Capabilities

Compare graphic cards on each computer while keeping your desired uses in mind. A computer mostly used for gaming and graphic work will require a more advanced graphic card than a computer used for everyday tasks. Most computers come with a graphics card, but you may need to purchase another one for extensive use.


It might seem like the perfect choice, but a budget computer may not serve your needs as well as a higher priced one. At times, a budget computer may be exactly what one needs. Prices for computers vary with different brands, and they may also vary online and in different stores. Never shop at one place and compare prices only there; you may be surprised at how much ranges can vary. You can save money on quality laptops and computers by using dell promo codes.

After considering your unique needs for a computer, compare these six factors before making a purchase to avoid buyer’s remorse. After narrowing it down to the best three, consult an expert to make the final decision for a job well done.