Designing the interior and exterior of your dream home requires lots of time and thought. So does making sure it’s secure. The possessions inside your house have sentimental and monetary value. The loved ones who occupy your home, however, are even more important and should be protected by the best security system possible. There are an array of residential security companies in your area who will eagerly stop by and offer a free consultation. Unfortunately, the products many of them sell won’t be state-of-the-art. Here are some examples of how home security has recently evolved that will help you to make a more informed decision.


Traditional home security systems were focused on preventing burglaries. Sadly, they essentially wired homes with alarms that experienced burglars knew how to silence and deactivate. The latest security systems, however, keep you connected to what’s going on inside and on your property at all times. You can receive alerts pertaining to anything out of the ordinary to your mobile phone or laptop.


Modern security cameras make your property visible to you from your computer or handheld device at all times. No one can watch a web cam all day and night, so the most high-tech cameras will allow you to cloud-store footage that you can refer back to later.


Once upon a time, the intercom installed outside a gate surrounding your property would only enable you to hear a voice. New intercoms have video capability. The images can even stream to the mobile phone in your hand.


New audio detection systems will react to sound waves in the air. They can be set-up to interface with a larger alarm system. Gone are the days of hardwired speakers. Now it has become cost effective to retro-fit speakers into an existing application. This opens a whole new market of consumers who are wanting a system like this.


Old school motion detectors didn’t perform consistently or work beyond a narrow range. The latest motion detectors are capable of picking up anyone who is crawling or going out of their way to avoid being detected. They have infrared sensors that are responsive to the rapid motions of intruders. Best yet, they let loose loud alarms.


The best security company will make sure that your security system isn’t lost in the event of a power outage. They don’t depend on you having a land-line to call. They’re totally wireless.

It costs a lot to fully protect a home. Of course, every family needs to live in a house that’s secure. Fully research the products such as those offered. Make sure you don’t settle for a system because it’s low-cost. Remember that thieves are not the only danger. The best security systems will even keep you from safe from threats as subtle as carbon monoxide poisoning.