As a business owner, you will want to take advantage of the multitude of options available to you for getting the word out about your services or products. However, the many options available may leave your head whirling and your wallet screaming for funds. Consider screen printing, which is a budget-friendly option that can be used in multitudes of ways in a business setting.

Advertise with Company Cars

If your business has a company car that is used for meeting attendance, for customer delivery or for another purpose around town, a screen-printed wrap can be made for your vehicle. This is really a budget-friendly way to turn the vehicle into a moving billboard. You may also want to consider small screen-printed graphics on the doors or windows.

Advertise on Your Windows

Chalk and paint drawings are definitely last decade for window décor. Advertise your business using your storefront with screen-printed signs and decals. Many options allow you to see out of your windows while displaying the graphic to customers on the other side of the window. Screen printing is so beneficial in this capacity because it allows you to print small amounts of limited edition signage for a low price when compared to digital printing.

Advertise on Custom T-shirts

If you do not have a company car, you and your employees can become walking advertisements for your company with screen-printed shirts, hats and sweatshirts. Screen printing can be performed on almost any type of material, from cotton to silk. You can also use screen-printed clothing as free handouts for potential customers.

Advertise with All of Your Products

Screen printing has applications both small and large. You can improve brand recognition by having your logo printed directly on your product, whether you sell gaskets for washing machines or organic makeup. Once again, this application is much cheaper than standard digital or electronic printing is.

Advertise with Banners and Signs

Finally, announce and celebrate special company events with screen-printed banners and large outdoor signs. Because screen printing can be performed on almost any type of surface, your signs can be used outdoors and indoors and can withstand the elements. Because screen printing is customizable, you can choose banners that have special effects due to the buildup of various types of ink that are used with this type of printing.

The options and ideas for screen printing are as varied as businesses are. Screen printing can be used in a variety of settings to help potential customers learn about your business. Using full color and large graphics on vehicles and banners as well as small fonts and graphics on your products, you can use screen printing to market yourself wherever you go and to introduce new customers to your company.