When building a successful business, you don’t have to travel the road all by yourself. It’s normal to feel like nobody can understand what you’re going through as you stress over payroll and worry about finding money for advertising, but other business owners can relate to your pain. While you probably don’t want to sit down over a cup of coffee with your direct competition, you’ll find a great support system through other business owners who are offering other wares and service. In fact, you and the other businesses can team up together to make both businesses a great success.

SEO Marketing and Back Links

Google likes seeing websites with links in and out of them. It’s easy to link out to other reputable sources through blogs, but getting other pages to link to you can be more challenging. One way is by developing reciprocal links with other businesses. Share your information about each other online through Social Media and your websites. You’ll both see more traffic as a result.

Save with Bulk Orders

As small businesses, you’re both going through a certain amount of office supplies and other items. However, neither one of you may qualify for bulk pricing on your own. Team up together with your orders to bring the overall cost down.

The Group Advertising Options

Perhaps you’re part of a network of businesses that feed in well with each other. One example would be a landscaping service that routinely works with junk haulers and home contractors. All three services are aimed at improving the home, yet they don’t overlap too much. They could easily go in together on ad space in the paper. You’ll get a more impressive advertisement while saving money.

Rethink How You Look at the Competition

Nobody understands what you’re going through quite like the competition, so you may want to rethink how you view them. If there are small variances in what you offer, then you can team up to provide more comprehensive services. You’ll also find that some clients are better suited to your competition, and being willing to share positive information with the customers will make both of you look great in their eyes.

Get Creative with the Expenses

You may think that you’re stuck with high utility bills as a business owner, but this isn’t true. Multilevel marketing companies like ACN are providing entrepreneurs with alternatives to the traditional service providers. Without brick and mortar storefronts to pay for, they’re able to deliver far more attractive rates. Consider looking at these options to see how you can bring your expenses down.

It’s About the Referrals

As you and other business owners get to know each other, it’s easier to pass referrals. Your networking system will grow by leaps and bounds when you start working openly with other businesses. Take the time to meet for lunch or breakfast so that you can learn more about each other’s businesses and keep an eye out for opportunities. It’s said that who you know can make all the difference, and that’s certainly true when it comes to growing your small business.

There’s more to running a small business than having a great product and sales reps to move it. You can be the best in your industry, but you also need a good marketing plan and a support system. Befriending and teaming up with other business owners can help you find the support that you need. You may think that your competition should be avoided, but your competitor may prove to be a great resource for you. Work together to keep the expenses down, your referrals flowing, and your networking chain expanding.