Cleaning can be a real burden, taking into account all the things in one’s house that need regular cleaning – which means basically everything. Fortunately, there are more and more great technology tools that appear on the market every year, promising to save us time and energy we spend on cleaning. Sometimes they can even save us money. Some of them are super effective and indeed help us in our everyday housekeeping process. Here are some of the best tools that facilitate our lives and make housekeeping not only easier but also fun.

Purelight UV Wand

This is a great technology tool that is used for cleaning high-touch points, such as door handles, telephones, light switches, keyboards and any kind of object. The tool uses UV light to sanitise surfaces and kill bacteria. The UV cleaning wand doesn’t generate ozone and even filters dust mites, which makes it a perfect tool for healthy cleaning. The products usually has a warranty of two years and it’s not expensive.

Dyson DC41 Animal Complete

This is the perfect vacuum machine for houses with pets. The tool effectively removes fur from furniture, floors and carpets and can be easily adjusted to suit every type of surface. It’s pretty expensive but it’s worth it since it will save you a lot of time and you’ll forget about the annoying pet hair all over your house, without even putting effort on cleaning it.

SteriPEN Freedom

This is a great tool with which you can keep your drinking water extremely clean and sanitised. The best thing is that it’s small and remote, so you can take it with you everywhere you go. You can recharge it via USB and have clean water anywhere.

Neatro Robot Helper

A self-cleaning housekeeping tool sounds like a dream come true. Companies, such as Neato and iRobot have been working hard to create robot cleaners which use sensors to self-clean your house. The first robot cleaner was made in 2002 and the company has upgraded it several times ever since. It’s a little device that vacuums on its own. The latest model is more precise and powerful, which makes it the perfect tool for busy people. There are now more similar gadgets on the market, such as automatic mops.

Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Alarm

This is a great technology tool that provides your home with safety. Unlike typical smoke alarms, this one has sensors for not only smoke, but also humidity, light, activities and heat.

LG ThinQ Washing Machine and Dryer

This is a washing machine which is WiFi-enabled and saves you up to 75 per cent of energy cost.

Portable Dishwasher

A portable dishwasher, such as Kenmore 18” Portable can be either put on the top of a counter or can have wheels, which makes it easy to move in case you live in a small apartment and don’t have enough space to install a big dishwasher.

Clean Air

Purely Products is a technology that cleans air in your house. It uses ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and germs and allow you to breath fresh and clean air at home.

These days there are great technology tools which effectively help us turn housekeeping into a fast and pleasant game. Cleaning doesn’t necessarily have to be boring and time-consuming any more.