Since the inception of smartphones into the market from years past, every succeeding year has been an experiment to see how a company’s model can outdo the last one. 2012 was certainly quite the year for introducing a seemingly endless line of new models from all over the world, and 2013 looks to be another example of forward-thinking products delivering new insight into what the smartphone is capable of.

This is a brief list of some of the smartphones you can be expecting from five different companies. Keep in mind that these phone have all be scheduled for sometime in 2013, but as well all know, such releases are constantly subject to change. I will be covering more of this on my own blog as the time draws closer in 2013.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus

samsung galaxy s2 plus

Samsung‘s release in May of the Galaxy S2 gave users and reviewers a new-found confidence in the capabilities of the Korea-based company. In fact, in Engadget’s review, it was said that the Galaxy S2 was the best Android in the market at the time. Now there have been talks of a revamped version of the S2 called the S2 Plus.

According to reports that were circulating last month, the S2 Plus is expected to be released in Q1 of 2013, and will come armed with Android Jelly Bean (4.1). As far as specs, you can expect 8GB of space, a Super AMOLED Display measuring in at 4.52 inches, as well as an 8MP camera. If you are wondering about the colors, it’s looking like blue or white will be the contenders. More will be available on this as we bring in the new year, hopefully.

Nokia Lumia 620

Nokia Lumia 620 2

The Lumia series from Nokia is arguably the biggest effort of 2012 by the Finnish-company, and it was much needed due to their lacking presence in the marketplace. I have chosen to single out the Lumia 620 due to what it comes armed with, as well as its good price ($249 – sounds a little steep but compared to the others, and other offerings from other companies, you’ll be doing good for yourself.)

Other than the extensive color lineup, which includes black, pink, yellow, white and blue (maybe more?), the Lumia 620 will come with 8GB of storage that can be added with an SD card. The display is pretty compact, measuring in at 3.8 inches but with a ClearBack display (LCD). Also, expect two 1GHz cores powered by Krait CPU, plus a 5MP camera that can take video at 720p.

This is one of the phones that Microsoft can expect a big comeback in the mobile market with Windows 8 being the operating system. Which leads us to the next mention in line.

Windows Phone 7.8 Update


So this isn’t exactly a new phone, but the Windows Phone 7.8 update should bring an exciting new profile to the much controversial Windows Phone. Now I’m not sure what new piece of fruit is going to be labeled alongside 7.8 (the last one was Mango), but what I’m looking forward to seeing in 7.8 is the ability to perform on-screen customization.

Going along with the previous Lumia mention, you can expect this update to roll out on most Nokia phones of 2013.

HTC Droid M7

Yes, we shall not forget about the powerhouse that HTC’s Droid lineup continues to keep us guessing with. The series has undergone quite the evolution, with the latest release being the Droid DNA. The phone was popular due to its low price as well as staying loyal with its features that got it to where it is in the first place.

As for the M7, the current rumors indicate a March 2013 release, yet the specifications of the phone are pretty up in the air right now. However, according to a report in CNET, the M7 will come with a five inch screen that’s backed with a resolution of 1920×1080. Also expect a Qualcomm S4 Pro processor as well. Of course, you’ll be seeing the latest version of Android on this as well. This is probably the loosest of all five new offerings in this list, as it can’t even be confirmed that the phone will be named M7 yet.

Sony Xperia E

Sony Xperia E

Kind of similar to that of the Nokia Lumia series, Sony has been claiming letter after letter for their Xperia lineup. Sony has never really been a huge player in US markets, but it looks like they are ready to place a competitive product into the stores. The Xperia E is looking to be the budget-friendly version of the lineup, but that doesn’t mean anything is going to be compromised. According to a spec list on Tech Tree

Look for a 3.5 inch HVGA multi-touch screen

1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor

3.2MP camera

Run on Android Jelly Bean

The list is pretty extensive, and is available on several outlets.

This list isn’t meant to tease you, though it certainly is for me. Once again, I should remind the reader that this information is subject to change, but with 2013 just about here, more confirmable information should soon be available.