In the world of app development, social media is gaining popularity. And now it has become an inseparable part of the industry. With the growing competition in the app business, social media is most relevant than any time before. Getting the downloads and high retention rates are not a piece of cake. Right from the marketing of the app to the app itself, social media integration is the key to target. Social media plays vital role in making the potential users understands about the app and making an app the next billion-dollar idea.

The use of social networking in marketing is not new, but gaining momentum in recent years. With the advent of easy programming platforms for app development, many freelance developers are coming up in the industry. And these developers, unlike top application development companies in India don’t have tons of cash to spend on publicity, and therefore they use social media to great extent. This provides a free of cost platform to the developers, yet it is as effective as paid ads.

Social Media as Marketing tool

Facebook has 1.86 billion active monthly users in the world, Twitter also accounts for 319 million active monthly users. LinkedIn has 467 million active monthly users in the world. These stats clearly depict the penetration of the social media platforms among the internet users. They have become the most popular sites to visit on the internet. Facebook is the third most visited site on the internet after Google and YouTube.

This is the fact that have attracted many developers to showcase their new projects on the social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This has given them the attention they require for the success of their new apps, and that too without spending even a single penny. This is the fact that many developers skips, they believe that being free, it won’t cast much effect on the downloads, but it’s a myth. Truth is something different. Social media is now one of the most important tool for marketing.

Social Media as App Integration

Not only promotions, Social media is important for the app itself. Getting the social media API’s in your app will boost the feature list of your app. Many of the top grossing apps have social media integrations. This allows the users to share app activities on the social platforms. For games, social media integration is a must. This lets the users to create word of mouth marketing, which is the best marketing strategy. This way, the users share the game scores and achievements with their friends and challenge them as well.

Apps like Instagram and Snapchat have taken the app industry to a new level. they provide a seamless connectivity through the handheld device. Top apps like Retrica, which a selfie app, lets you share your pic through social circles. Thereby providing you additional features. Otherwise you would have to go to the Facebook app, logged in and then posted the pic. Hence now every top application developer company in India is integrating social media apps with their own ones.

Last Mentions

Social media provides awesome features and great ease. Apart from the features listed in this blog above, these integrations also serve following facilities.

  • Social media lets you connect to the users directly.
  • It creates the excitement for your app among the users.
  • It increases your reach for app downloads.