Real Estate sales used to be about simple marketing of properties for sale. Through newspaper listings and Craigslist ads, agents would create dozens of listings a day in the hopes that their minuscule advertising space would catch the eye of property seekers. As the digital world becomes over-saturated, real estate businesses are turning more to social media in the hopes of closing a deal. But as social media channels grow, so does the noise. Cutting through that noise is becoming increasingly difficult. But with the right social media marketing plan and a simple understanding of how to generate leads with social media, your real estate business can make the right moves to success.

Social Media Advertising is Highly Targeted

Social media, whether Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or even Instagram has become one of the most highly targeted advertising channels available. Every post users make, topics they talk about, and friends and businesses they follow are tracked by their respective channel. All of this data allows you to target paid efforts specifically toward certain demographics, interests, and of course location. Additionally, you can refine your ads as often as you want, and track them right back to performance via your website.

Facebook Groups Connect You with the Right Audience

A simple search for “Homes for Sale” or “Real Estate” in your city and surrounding cities brings up a whole new potential reach through Facebook’s Groups. Groups are made up of Facebook members that share a similar interest. What’s interesting about Groups is that. To truly grab hold of the value of Facebook Groups, be sure to contribute when people are looking for information. Building trust within these Groups affords you the opportunity for someone else to reference you when someone may need help finding real estate in their area.

Pinterest is a Best Kept Secret

Got a knack with a camera? Pinterest isn’t just about giving people “do-it-yourself” ideas, but sparking imagination. If you’ve got real estate on the market that offers something truly unique, you’ve got a starting point for your Pinterest audience. Successful companies such as Success Path have been using Pinterest as well. Looking at their pages will give you ideas of how to utilize your own page. You could have a section about tips on staging property. You could even do something on interior design. In other words, creating that interest is the best way to strike a conversation. Utilize valuable keywords and create boards that people would be interested in viewing. Remember, “Home for Sale” doesn’t quite have the ring of “Lavish Vaulted Ceilings“. The appreciation that your Pinterest audience will have for your creativity will be remembered as people enter the market for buying real estate.

Social Media Offers Fully Immersive Photo and Video

Gone are the days of just showing people homes with as many photos as you can. Now, live video and 360-degree views have become a new opportunity for your social media audience. A simple investment of a 360-degree camera can give potential home viewers a full view of a home without having to make the trip for a viewing. Live video lets you show real estate to as many viewers as you want. What really makes these social media features shine is that the channels often favor them. You’ll find that interaction with 360-degree photos and live videos can be as much as ten times higher than standard recordings or portrait photos.

Remember that social media isn’t a direct step to conversion, but a foot in the door. By opening lines of communication simply through discussion, you built trust both within yourself, and your brand. Most importantly, be informative, creative, and unique. Simply pushing a listing with a price blends you in with all other agents that are looking for a quick sale. It’s when you invoke thought and imagination that social media can truly cut through the noise and generate endless leads for your real estate business.