Phones these days, especially smartphones, seem to come laden with the most technologically advanced features possible all the time. Developers are keen on taking all modern technologies available and then cramming them in a small case. More often than not, these phones do not stand the test of time. What these phones require is some good old fashioned sturdiness in them. That is why it is so refreshing to see some smartphone devices being launched with waterproofing abilities and at the same time keeping their features and capabilities intact.

However, you must take a closer look at the overall standards of the phone before committing yourself to it. To discuss this issue, two of the latest smartphones shall be taken into consideration: The Xperia Z from Sony and the Galaxy S4 Active from Samsung.

Sony Xperia Z

The Sony Xperia Z has no alternate versions of it in the markets which can be classified as non-waterproof device. This phone has been tested to ensure that dust and water have no effect on the functions in this phone. It has complete protection from water and it is even possible to use it underwater. However, it is best if one does not do it, not because, the phone can’t handle the water, but because the screen tends to interpret the water drops as touches. This can cause problems but then again, this phone is not meant to be used in that way. The touchscreen abilities of this phone are therefore quite powerful. The phone itself looks good and has a great battery to boot. The only major problem lies is inside the hood. The processing capabilities of this phone are not great and the operating system included by default is the previous version of the latest Android Jelly Bean. Apart from that, the phone is quite good. One can easily get this device at a cheaper cost using discount coupons that would surely reduce the price of this high-end phone.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the latest offering from Samsung in its Galaxy line. The Galaxy S4 has all the latest features to be found in a smartphone including the latest Android Jelly Bean. However, the S4 is not waterproof. Its twin brother, S4 Active, is waterproof and dustproof. The S4 Active differs from the normal S4 in three major areas. The first one is the looks. While S4 sports the capacitive buttons layout, a trademark of sorts for the Galaxy line, the S4 Active has hard keys instead. The camera has been downgraded as well. Instead of the 13 MP camera of S4, The S4 Active has only an 8 MP one. The AMOLED screen has been replaced with a LCD display. This does not diminish the impact of the display however. Apart from these three points, the S4 Active resembles the S4 completely in features and performance.


To conclude

Both these phones are great but the S4 wins as it has better features under the hood. One hopes to see more waterproof phones with great features coming out soon. After all, water is an old enemy of electronic gadgets and has the power to completely destroy today’s smartphones.