As a sports fan, you want to let everyone know who your team is for each season. However, unless you work in an environment with Casual Friday or with days dedicated to supporting favorite sports teams, you may not have the option of sporting that team jersey or t-shirt. There are ways that you can support your team and still keep the professional appearance you need at the office.

Neckties and Scarves

If you work in an environment that requires ties or more formal workwear, you can still support your favorite team using a logo necktie or scarf. There are many team-affiliated ties with a logo that is subtle enough that wearing your Philadelphia Eagles necktie will not offend your New York Giants fan CEO. The same is true of scarves for women since not all sports fanatics are men. Choose scarves with subtle team patterns or colors that will provide you a professional appearance that still supports the team.

Business Shirts

Although it might be tempting to wear a shirt with your team logo emblazoned all over it, this may not give you the most professional appearance. Instead, choose custom uniforms by SKG with the team logo embroidered subtly on the pocket. That way, you’re not sticking out like a sore thumb in the office. These type of shirts are available in solid colors in both long-sleeved button-up style or polo shirts so that you can find one that fits your business office needs. Remember to keep the look subtle as you don’t want to look like the wallpaper in a ten-year-old’s bedroom. There are also options available for women, including polos, dress shirts and turtlenecks


There are many subtle ways you can support your team throughout the season if you are not comfortable with logo shirts, ties or scarves. You may choose a watch with your team logo on the face or simply add a team wrist band during the season to show your support. There are also many different jewelry options to support the team, including rings, earrings, necklaces or even cufflinks. Add a pocket square in team colors to your suit jacket or wear a pair of colorful team socks that will peek out from under your pants hem. If you are really daring, add shoelaces in your team colors throughout the season.

Use the Desk

If team clothing is not an option for you, there are still ways you can display your team spirit at the office, but subtly is critical in that area as well. Light-up pens, banners and noisy desk items may annoy your co-workers, so consider other options. Carry your lunch in a logo lunch box and drink your coffee out of a team cup. You can even add staplers, tape dispensers and notepad holders to your desk to demonstrate how loyal you are to your team. If you carry a tablet as part of your daily routine, consider a cover emblazoned with your team logo.

It is possible to demonstrate your team spirit at work throughout the season and still keep your look professional. These simple ideas will allow your spirit to shine through in subtle, more business-like ways.