The fashion trend this summer-spring season involves everything about rompers. Rompers are everywhere, plain textures or printed ones; this is for sure that the trend is here to stay!!! They can be worn by all the women, whatever is their body type or age.

Rompers can look cute as well as stylish and sexy; it all depends on the way it is worn. Different materials can be used for rompers. Satins and georgettes give more of a sexy and sultry appeal, whereas cottons and linens give more of a casual look. Plain colours and textures are more suitable for casual parties and printed ones can be worn on a spree to a mall or market. The monochrome scheming is the hottest this season and black on the lower half gives a slimming effect to the lower torso. Very comfortable and chic to wear, only the type needs to be determined.

Here are few styles which have been selected and categorized according to the body type, so that everybody can enjoy this cool and comfortable piece of clothing. Look extra glam by pairing them with a nice scarf and some accessories.

Playsuit Romper:

Playsuit Romper

Now, playsuit romper is worn by many celebrities these days and it looks exactly like an adult onesie. The above body type is on the bulkier side with the cuts exactly designed to cover the areas and black colour camouflages most of the body types. Mary. J looks cool in this romper which provides her a style along with the casual look. Boots can be paired along, if the legs are long and the romper length is short. It becomes difficult to use the bathroom with this type of clothing, but never mind, following the trend needs some sacrifices.

Petite romper style:

Petite romper style

Petite women can carry this trend with as much grace as tall women. They have a great advantage of their body type which can carry almost all the styles. They do not have height, which devoid them of using heavy fabrics and cuts and styles. Petite women should be careful with heavy ruffling, lengthy shorts and horizontal stripes. Try to compliment the romper as per your body type like vertical stripes can give a length effect to the upper torso. Fresh colours and single colours look great on petite women who can be complimented with strappy sandals or peeptoes. Jewellery should be kept at a minimum level to avoid heavy junking.

Plus sized rompers:

Plus sized rompers

Women who are plus size can wear rompers without worrying to look hideous. Just need to be careful on the style they are choosing. Never follow a trend blindly, see how it seems on your body type. There needs to be a break in the romper with a belt of stitching in the rompers designed for plus size women. The break will actually help in tucking the tummy so that you do not get the heavy, round effect on the body. If the upper torso is on the heavier side, try to team up your romper with a scarf or a heavy piece of jewellery in the neck. If the lower portion is heavy, go for little loose and longer size of shorts in the romper to cover the buttocks and thigh area. Try on wedge heels with the rompers to look taller and slimmer. The woman is wearing a romper and she looks perfectly fine even in her plus-size frame.

Tall girls rompers:

Tall girls rompers

Tall girls look so good in the latest trend of rompers. But, be careful with the style you are selecting. If you need to look sexy, use the art of colour blocking which will make you look shorter in frame. Tall girls have an advantage of long legs which can work very well for you. This type of body type can carry almost any style, the best being colour contrasts and horizontal lines and blocks. The rompers can be complimented with flat sandals, bellies or even sneakers for a casual day-out. If your body type is boyish, add some ruffles and accessories to add volume and make you look chic. Even sling bags look cool with rompers carried cross body to give a break in the dress. The girl below looks great with a knot on the abdomen to give a girly effect.

Athletic body rompers:

Athletic body rompers

Athletic body type or a medium framed perfect body type can carry rompers in a single colour scheme. The best style is the one that tightens and grips on the waist. It should give space to the abdominal muscles and the crotch area. A belt can be teamed up to give a colour splash. Wear off- shoulder rompers like worn by this girl to display the athletic frame of the shoulders and lean structure. Even back cross straps or knot rompers look great on this type of body structure.