Technology knows no bounds! Especially, the mobile technology is exploding like anything in the recent years. With the customer numbers increasing day-by-day, lots of brands are toiling hard to meet the needs of the customers as well as to establish themselves in the market. Mobile technology has come up with interesting apps which when installed in the smartphones increases the sophistication of most users. We already have plenty of apps that benefit users by various means. The latest to join the list of apps is the Spy apps. As the name suggests, you would be aware of what this app is all about! Yes, it spies and reports the details to the owners. So, with the help of this app, tracking the habits of your dear ones is very possible without their knowledge.

This article is all about different types of spy apps and how they help the users to spy on their dear ones or enviable ones efficiently from different locations. It doesn’t matter whether your spouse is cheating on you or your children involving in suspicious activities, you can track their each and every movement before the situation worsens. It doesn’t stop with this! There are some interesting apps that could help prevent losses in the workplace by monitoring employee behaviors constantly.

I have come up with a few interesting apps that help you keep an eye on your loved ones or foes effectively.

Mobile Spy:

Excellent app for spying smartphones! It provides you with formidable details about the persons call logs, text messages, location, etc. pretty simply. In other words, you could closely monitor what exactly a person does each and every second easily. All the details about the activities of the owner of the spy app incorporated mobile will be mailed to your online account instantly. In addition, controlling or blocking other apps running on the device of your target person is awesomely easy. What a way to keep tracking your dear ones! Installing this app just takes 2-3 minutes. The cost of this mobile is found to be around 50-100 USD.

Contact Spy:

Most of you would have confronted the problem of someone contacting you with unknown numbers in your lives. The Contact Spy is exclusively designed for those who want to be notified about the identity of the person behind the call. This app is powered with a search engine; on typing the number you received, the search engine would identify the name of the person who called you in a few seconds. It is a cost-effective app with easy-to-install features.

Phone Sheriff:

It is an excellent choice for parents that wish to control the online activities of their children. Prevent your kids from miscreant online activities using apps, or websites using this app. Even the inappropriate content viewed by kids can be completely blocked without their knowledge and all information regarding the same will be mailed to your password-protected account. In addition, screen the contact numbers that you don’t want your kid to send messages to talk to using this nifty mobile app.


Another interesting mobile app which is extremely useful for spying purposes! This fabulous app has some powerful features like GPS-based programming using which it locates the position of the person you target quite easily and effectively. Not only that, from then on you would be able to track the movements of that person for each and every moment effortlessly. In addition, it tracks the calls and text messages efficiently without the knowledge of the target users.


A powerful app with outstanding features! It has got more features compared to other apps listed below. It not only allows the users to track their positions but also helps you listening to the surroundings of the target users effectively. It is capable of spying the emails, instant messengers, calendar activities, multimedia files, etc. What an app to have for!

Spy Bubble:

An amazing app with astonishing features! It is powered with surplus features. It is highly useful for tracking calls, texts, GPS tracking, contact list tracking, photo tracking, URL tracking, etc. After completing the spying process, it mails the entire details across to your online mail. Even the deleted in messages or calls in the mobile will be safely recorded in the device and will be sent to your mail with the details of when and where. It is an excellent app for businesses as it helps them to keep an eye on the employees behaving badly in the office premises.


So, next time when you hold an Android phone or iPhone, be aware someone might have installed one such app in your smartphone! Not to worry, there are spy detector software available in the market installing which detects the complete number of spy apps running and blocks them effectively. We will discuss the types of Spy detectors available in the market in the next article.