Spying is something that you definitely feel the need of at some point in your life. Whether you are a wife who is suspicious about her husband having an affair, an over concerned mother, or an employer who is doubtful about the activities of its workers, you might have to detect secrets at least once in life. Spying on a person’s mobile phone can tell you much about that person and its activities, for instance, checking your husband’s phone conversations, call logs and photos will be helpful in discovering secrets. But what if he does not allow you to do so, or removes the evidence before handing over his phone to you?

While the technology advancement has transformed our lifestyle it has also modified the ways of spying someone. You can now get all the information and monitor activities performed on someone’s mobile phone, thanks to the cell phone spy applications. These applications allow the user to keep an eye on the engagements of a person staying at a farther place or even in another country. The information about that person or its mobile device is automatically updated on an online account that can be accessed by the user anywhere and anytime with the help of internet.

How to Choose the Right Spyware for Mobile Monitoring?

While there are loads of spy applications readily available in online market, it can be difficult for you to choose the right one. If a program is not secure and reliable, it does not worth your dollars. Here are the things you should look for to pick the right spyware for cell phone monitoring your kids, spouse or employees.

It Should Be Feature-Rich

Make sure the spy software you purchase has much to offer and it covers you completely. There are applications that let you monitor and operate the handhelds of your significant ones with hundreds of ways, so if a spy application restricts you only to the monitoring it definitely does not worth your attention.

Allow Spy on Calls and Messages

The spy application should allow you to read messages sent and received by the person you are monitoring as well as the contact information of the person who has sent messages or to whom these messages are sent.

There are some monitoring applications that allow you to listen to all incoming and outgoing calls, record these calls and even intercept these calls. So, if your spy software does not let you record or intercept live calls, do not spend much on it.

Trace GPS Locations

The software to spy android allows the user to trace the whereabouts of the target also providing the details of locations the person has traveled to in a certain period of time. Make sure your software also lets you mark restricted areas or safe areas so whenever your kiddo crosses the boundaries you get notified.

Monitor Social Media Happenings

Social media is a place where teens spend a huge chunk of their time that counts around 9 hours a day. If your spy application does not allow you to monitor social media happenings of your kids or spouse, look for a better option.

Your spy application should let you monitor the conversations made through the popular social media and instant messaging apps including Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Line. You should also be informed about the individuals or groups your kids, spouse and employees are engaged with on social media.

Monitor Emails

If you are an employer, you should be able to monitor the emails sent or received by your employees. This possibility allow business go in productive way and profitable themselves. Your employees might be leaking the confidential information of the company through emails, so the content and information about the sender or receiver of these emails should be in your knowledge.

Discover Photos and Videos on Target Phone

There are certain applications that allow you to hide photo gallery and third party apps somewhere on your mobile phone. So, if your husband or kids are using any such app, your spy application must have a solution to break the bars.

Block Contacts or Websites

Most of the spyware only allow you to monitor the information stored on a mobile phone like you can know which sites your kid is frequently visiting or from whom he/she is receiving frequent calls. Look for a spy app that also enables you to block the unwanted websites or contacts.


Mobile spy software can truly help you get into someone else phone, but your target can get clues of monitoring if your purchased app fails to work secretly. TheOneSpy is one of the finest and secure spyware that flaunts more than 250 features to monitor kids, spouse and employees. It breaks into a device and performs secretly without leaving any clue for the target.