The cloud has gone mainstream, and it’s an effective cost-saving measure for businesses. Eighty-seven percent of businesses are operating in the cloud in some manner, according to PCWorld, and about 70 percent of those businesses reported they were able to save and reinvest money into their businesses as a result of moving some functions into the cloud.

Everything you need to get your business up and running can be found online, from domain registration and logo creation to marketing and brand management help, and it can all be set up in a few days. Check out these tools available to your business from anywhere in the world.

Business Setup

  • The most well-known service to register a domain is GoDaddy, but there are others—a simple Google search will yield you several.
  • The same goes for help designing a logo, although Vistaprint and LogoMaker are two popular services to try.
  • To build a business website, start with this Forbes article, which will guide you on choosing a content management system, Web host and e-commerce software.
  • Visit LegalZoom for assistance with legally establishing your business.

Market from Anywhere

Programs like MailChimp make it possible to target specific sections of your client base, so your marketing efforts are more effective. The program enables you to execute email marketing campaigns, update social media and monitor the effectiveness with analytics reports.

Data Backup & Protection

While cloud services are usually cheaper than physical servers and other substitutes, companies are protective over their sensitive data. However, as cloud services mature, we can expect more and more businesses to switch to this kind of model. The benefits go beyond cost-saving—should disaster strike in the form of server failure or a malicious attack by hackers, your data is protected. MozyEnterprise is probably the most trusted online cloud backup solution for small businesses, as your data is protected by superior encryption software and you get access to your backups in minutes. Many companies are doing away with onsite servers altogether and relying on cloud services for practical reasons as much as for security reasons.

Mobilize Your Workforce

Cloud services are about more than simple data recovery, though. Mobile workforces are now a very real possibility—give employees a code to access the system via the cloud, and they can get the information they need, when and where they need it—whether they are at the office or in a satellite branch thousands of miles away. The cloud facilitates collaboration in business that was unheard of just 10 years ago with on-site hardware.

One of the best features of cloud services is that they are flexible and scalable, enabling you to pay only for what you need at the time and giving you the opportunity to upgrade as your business grows. Data backup plans range from a few gigabytes a month to unlimited storage.

The cloud has made the world a much smaller place for businesses. As more and more services move into the cloud, physical restraints on businesses will continue to be reduced.