Change, the only rule that social media follows and remains stagnant at. For the past few years, you will be coming across success stories of the startups that gained popularity and created a miracle in a really curtailed time frame. There is no magic fairly sprinkling the magical pixie dust and made the business a huge success. Those businesses would have walked down their own roadblocks, took the risk, lost money even broke, stood up again, tried new things and then they have reached the success your eye sees. The apps like Zomato and Uber are perfect examples of what we are discussing. With 3.5 million apps in the Google play store and 2.2 million in the Apple app store, still, they made their way on the mouth of people and made their place at the top of Play store. What do these mobile app development companies do which other fails to do? The magic lies in marketing. A miraculous product devoid of marketing doesn’t meet the desired result.

One of the easiest yet most effective ways of marketing is social media. You can get whoever you want here and spread whatever you wish sitting right at the one single place. But, there are some naughty norms to be followed to hit the bull’s eye. Let’s get started with the revelation of these secret social media tactics.

1) Plan Precisely

If social media can make, it can also break you as well. So, you need to be extremely precise what you intend to do and how. If you want to rule social media like a king, you need to do some serious study of the recent trends, your target audience, their likes and most importantly their dislikes. Which social media platforms are on the buzz and which kind of posts they have is a major factor playing in framing the final strategy.

2) Follow Your Potential Customers

If the targeted customers of your mobile app development business are on the twitter and you are marketing on Facebook, you are not going to get much out of it. Your head might strike with the idea that why take chance, let’s cover every possible platform you can. Visiting stores of handbags for buying a trolley bag, is it worth wasting time? When can you directly go to the store for trolley bags, why to even look at the handbags? The same thing applies to social media marketing as well. Why waste time in marketing on those platforms where there are no chances of grabbing any potential customers.

3) Informal Communication

Have you ever been to a date? Well, of course, you would have. Have you ever been through a circumstance where you are the only one initiating conversation, stretching them to avoid awkward pause? If yes, you know you would never go on a date with the same person again. When you are communicating with your potential clients on social media. If you sound formal, or like a company or a big brand, the customer might not establish a connection which he feels when he is talking to an individual. Be informal and an individual.

4) Type of Content Matters

We are not discussing the creativity and uniqueness of the content, what we are discussing is the format of the content. You might be aware of the trend that visual content is flourishing the most. So, when you are posting on the social media create a visual content from which the users just can’t take their eyes off. You knowing vlogging is the newer trend? If you don’t know yet, start exploring and get started with it.