When you’re unemployed, it’s natural to feel somewhat listless. You’re used to planning your life around your hourly work schedule. When that’s gone, you might feel as though a void was left in its wake. You don’t have to wander around aimlessly. You’re now the boss, and it’s up to you to put your life on a meaningful, productive track. By taking charge, you have the ability to be more productive than you’ve ever been.

Continue Your Education

If you’re looking for a better opportunity than your previous one, it may be worthwhile investigating what you can do to continue your education. If you worked a menial position before but would like more responsibility in your next professional role, take some courses to help you become a project manager. If you want to change fields completely, this might require more education. If you sign up for online classes, you might be able to complete them while you’re working at a transitional job.

Create a Schedule

While you’re not working, you’re looking to find work. Trying to find a job has, in essence, become your job. Set up a schedule for your job search. Wake up, eat breakfast, take a shower, and check Gumtree and other job boards for any new posts. Spend half an hour checking and responding to your emails. You should also plan time to attend networking events. Remember to take time to relax and refresh too, it’s not productive to work all hours of every day.

Pursue Your Hobbies

If you were spending 40 hours a week at your previous workplace, it’s likely that you’ve neglected your passion projects. If you’ve always wanted to go bird watching or learn to play the violin, this will be a worthy use of your spare time. You’ll never have more free time than you do now – using it to learn the basics of a new hobby or passion will make it easier for you to continue to practice it after you’ve obtained employment.

Do The Things You’ve Been Meaning to Do

Nobody really wants to clean out the attic, but it probably needs to get done. The good news is that you aren’t tired from work, and you’re home a lot more often. Trim the hedges, replace the carpet, and sort through the junk closet. You never know when you’re going to have another chance to handle all of the grunt work. You’ll feel much better after it’s been taken care of, and you’ll enter your next career prepared for a fresh start.

Take Good Care of Yourself

How often were you exercising when you were at work? Were you watching what you were eating, or having takeout for lunch at your desk every day? Now is the time to make some positive lifestyle changes. Spend a few hours a week jogging, hiking, or doing yoga. You deserve to do some things for yourself. Another bonus of regular exercise and healthy eating is the lingering positive effects it will have on your mood. Many people feel down in the doldrums when they’re out of work, and exercising will give you positive endorphins and perhaps a boost in your self confidence when you need it the most.

This is a transitional period, and it helps to approach it with a positive mindset. It feels like an obstacle, but it’s actually an opportunity to do something meaningful. Don’t forget to spend more time with your friends and loved ones while you have the availability.