I know you got excited reading “million dollars” in the title. Yes, you can, but damn sure, you don’t know how to do it. Building a blog that earns millions of money in a month is still a dream for many bloggers. And for beginners, it is a matter over the mountain. Honestly telling, blog of million dollars is a perseverance of many years. I don’t want to drag much, let’s jump into the matter.

Step 1: Be clear with category

When you’re beginner to the blogging world, you shouldn’t scratch your head much about choosing the category. Instead if you have a good insight of travel industry, be specific to create blog on it. In case if your interest is mobile app development, embrace it without scratching the head, why because there are a lot of mobile app development companies, job seekers in the same field or people who are looking for tools to develop apps can be your potential, golden visitors.

Step 2: Choose your blogging platform

Blogger.com by Google and WordPress.com are the most widely used blogging platforms in the world. When comes to difference between these two, since bloggers.com is Google’s product, you can expect your blog to be quickly accepted by Google for AdSense. In fact, Google doesn’t make this type of discrimination, but some point of favorability is there. In case of WordPress, you’ll get variety of themes to choose between. And even it is SEO friendly and you can also easily customize the blog. Both are free platforms, but features are limited, in case you need more features, obviously you have to go for premium option. My advice is that don’t go for premium in the first step.As the days go and you’ll get hold of it, you can think about it.

Step 3: Name your blog and get blog hosting

Name of the blog itself has a top-notch power to bring in invisible visitors or people who are less interested in your category. Don’t make a mistake of making your name as the blog name unless until you’re not much interested to brand yourself. Using your name looks punky, instead if you’re writing on travel, keep name like travelzone.com, travelocean.com (Meanwhile, these names may have become asset of some others).

Now let me explain about web hosting. You can run your blog without spending anything on hosting, but your blog’s security will not be completely in your hand. And even Google AdSense doesn’t entertain it. There are many hosting service providers, and their services range from $3 to $1000/month.Bluehost is a WordPress recommended platform, but it is expensive compared to others in the field. You can check the best one in Google according to your budget.

And another important thing here is app name. If you’ve spent noting while choosing blogging platform, you will get domain name in this format: travelzone.wordpress.com or travelzone.blogspot.com, but this nowhere makes impression on visitors, so spend some dollars on getting customized domain name. The domain cost would be around $10 per year and this you can get ina complete package in the premium options of blogging platforms.

4. Post content regularly

Content is theheart of your blog. Just imagine, if the heart is not beating, what will happen. So, unless until your blog offers unique and interesting content, your multimillion blog dream will be just dream only. Unique and interesting contentis loved by both users and search engines. So never take it as a joke. At least post one quality content everyday. You can also allow guest posts of technology companies, particularly mobile app development companies if your site is all about tech trends.

5.Optimize site with SEO

You may be confident that you can bring in visitors from social media or from the community you know well. Unless until your site is a subsidiary or part of the big brand, you can’t expect it. For any blog, SEO, i.e. Google is the major contributor for visitors. If you’re expert in SEO, no need to go beyond of it. Otherwise collaborate with expert SEO for mutual benefits.

6. Submit for AdSense

Google AdSense is a reliable source for making money through blogging. There are many other alternative platforms thatcan offer you the same or more money than Google, but when it comes reliability, Google AdSense is the best. They pay you on every 100 dollars.

7. Collaborate with Sponsors or Display Marketers:

In case if AdSense or alternative platform seems not viable for you, you can choose sponsors who keep their ad on a fixed place of your site for a fixed term. You can also allow display ads of brands for a fixed revenue.


Hope the above info has boosted your blog dream. One last suggestion, don’t spend much on anything before understanding what is the blog world exactly is. And also if you know HTML coding, you will not fall in the obligation of any web developers. Happy and successful blogging.

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