Story of Send – Journey of an email


You probably send and receive a lot of e-mails every day. But have you ever wondered where your message goes after you hit “send” button? Did you ever think about how an email travels from your computer, tablet or mobile phone to its destination? If the answer is no, Google will show you how an email travel to its destination.

Today Google has launched a new website “Story of Send“, that explains how an email travels from your computer, tablet or mobile phone to its destination. The site is showing not only the journey of your emails, but also explaining Google’s efforts to keep spams and viruses out of your mailbox. Google also shows how they save energy and keep their data centers up to high environmental standards.

They’ve also included videos and photos throughout the journey so you can explore certain areas more deeply. For example, if you like to know about their data centers, Google has included some photos. Please click this link to Follow an email’s journey with Story of Send.

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