Planning is the primary step to be deeply manipulated before initiating the development of a particular product. The success of a product directly varies, with the planning of the key sub-components, to be developed for the whole product. Hence, it is essential to document a precise Product Requirement Document ( PRD), during the initial phase of the product definition.

The definition of a product is meant to elaborately defined the functionalities and features of the end-product. It proves beneficial in providing guidance to all the phases involved in the production, while not bordered to designing, developing and Quality testing, so as to accomplish the determined goals.

  • Sketch out the list of requirements and features to be developed, to meet those requirements.
  • Layout a solid foundation, which corresponds to the development cycle.
  • The solution of the key problem should be very well defined in the documentation.

Excess stress must not be imparted on the third objective, in the entire product definition phase. Yet, it should be the core in the definition of the product. Latest and updated set of features when incorporated in the product, leads the development to be successful. The post guides the various ways to scavenge the indispensable requirements of the product, so that the determined goals are achieved.

Extensive Research

The final motive of any project, is to come up with a distinguished product. The fundamental stage, to this accomplishment is, Research. The definition of the product, constitutes, targeted customers, stiff competitors, latest ongoing trends in the market and the technology to be implanted. Before pounding straight into the development, the basic requirements that the product would deliver, should be crystal clear. Research is the best practice, which helps in seamless execution of all the phase involved in the development of the product.

Clearly defined purpose

Raise the question, what is the main goal of the product? What all things it will sort out? The product is meant for whom? Probability of different kind of scenarios, that can come up during the development? Determining the value of proposition? The awareness of the basic requirement of the product is important, to make sure that you’re on the right path of android application development and iPhone apps development. The answer to all the above questions can be obtained through the product definition.

Choosing mobile app features

Features list is the, integral module of any product definition. The classification of the basic requirements of the product helps in comprehending the objective of the product. Identify and list out all the core features of the app, and map it with the requirements they are going to accomplish. Reveal out, all the use case scenario, pertaining to each feature. When the list of answers, to all the questions is populated, developers find no more hindrance, in the entire stage of coding process. Hence, developers would be endeavoring on things, that are supposed to, meant instead of coming up with something, that is inessential.

Determine the criteria for success

The level of success is determined, when the product is efficient in delivering all the business requirements, for the reasons, which it has been developed. Effective strategy, is to classify all requirements based on its importance. Some features are must to have, while some are optional and don’t demand serious implications. Assigning a priority mark is, to all the features, turns out to helpful for the developers. Hence, the development of the chief one, is executed first, compared to the low one with a low level of priority.

The scope of the project is known as the mobile app development process swells. A condition, called scope creep arises, when exertion on irrelevant features and functionalities of the app are implemented. The development of the changes in the project, should be skillfully manipulated, so that anything does not get off the track.


Finally, your prime focus should be to, perfectly sketch out the actual requirements, in order to, launch an, exemplary product, which tactically caters all the business goals and objectives. All this considerations, is a matter of internal affairs, quote down the detailed definition of the product.