How a company is perceived by the public can make or break it. A business can offer a great product and excellent service. Still, if people get the wrong impressions of a company, they may avoid it like the plague.

While this may seem like a hopeless predicament to business owners, there are ways you can get a handle on the situation. If you put the proper effort into your branding, you can help define yourself instead of leaving that up to the whims of the public. With that in mind, here are some of the ways your brand plays a role in your business.

Branding Can Position Your Product in the Market

Branding is a very powerful tool for a company to yield. Think, for example, of the difference between the prices on grocery store shelves. Let’s use black olives as an example. You have generic brands that charge very little money for a bottle of olives. Then you have more familiar name brands that charge more than that. Lastly, you have luxury brands that charge a significant amount more than other name brands.

However, the product is still the same. They’re all olives. While there may be some difference in recipes and harvesting techniques, it’s the same product. Most of the difference is created purely by branding, and that branding can convince consumers to pay more for the same product.

Branding Can Give You Recognition with Consumers

Competition in many industries, especially those regarding consumer products, can be extremely fierce. If you aren’t able to break out from the crowd, it is very doubtful you’ll even be able to break even. One way you can create a difference between you and your competitors is through branding.

According to Arc and Co., who have worked with many top brands, aesthetic design choices are essential to grabbing and maintaining the consumer’s attention. Just think, for example, of how closely the McDonald’s brand is associated with the yellow arches. They are completely inseparable.

Branding Can Help Improve Public Relations

These days, something as simple as a bad customer review on the internet can have a devastating effect on a company’s revenue. When your PR can be largely determined by complete strangers on the web and social media who may have bad intentions, you need to do everything you can to create your own narrative with the public. Branding is one strong way you can do that.

Overall, branding is vitally important to the success of any company. Put a lot of research, thought and strategy into your branding. It can certainly pay off big.