If you are interested in taking on a job in the sales world, then you should be congratulated for your determination and initiative. Sales is a hugely exciting field. No two days will be the same as you navigate through the world of proper pitching technique and learn to find the voice that bests suits you and your sales abilities. However, sales can also be a widely competitive field that requires planning and patience in order to properly thrive. Anyone can work in sales, but not everyone can be a successful salesperson. Here are four tips for working a sales job in America today.


Being a good salesperson is sort of like being a good actor. You need to be convincing. By no means should you lie, but you should be mindful of how you present yourself. If you come across as apathetic, you’re going to turn off a lot of potential business. Instead, you need to hone your communication skills.

Before applying for or starting a sales job, take time every day to practice speaking in a confident manner, from giving your voice dynamic inflection to learning power poses. Keep up these practices when you start to work. You will be imperfect at first, but every sales pitch, even the unsuccessful ones, is a learning opportunity.

Be flexible

As a salesperson, it’s good to have a structure. You’ll want to work on a pitch that catches your potential customer’s attention and makes them trust you. However, not everyone can be swayed the same way. If your typically pitching manner is not succeeding with someone, it might be necessary to tweak it a bit. This doesn’t need to be a drastic overhaul. Instead, you can just adjust the phrasing or the order of your main points slightly in order to better appeal to this particular customer. A good salesperson will realize when to rethink their strategy, rather than obsess over why it isn’t working.

Be personable

Have you ever been approached by a salesperson that immediately sent you reeling? Did they have a big, phony smile and practically annihilate you with a shady-sounding pitch? These are the type of people who give the sales world a bad name.

In order to gain people’s trust as a salesperson, you need to show you are genuinely interested in them and their concerns. This is not something you can easily fake. So, you need to really care. Greet your customers in a genuine manner. Ask questions that are relevant to them and show your appreciation throughout the process. If you only come across as someone who wants to sell them something, they won’t be nearly as receptive.

Learn from others

All around you are successful salespeople. They are on television, in the news and in your neighborhood, selling houses. Even if they aren’t salespeople by name, they are still selling something through their power of persuasion. A great politician is a salesperson and watching a presidential or other political candidate give a speech that captivates thousands can give you the skills necessary to succeed as a salesperson. In your new job, you can also learn from paying attention to the mannerisms of your more experienced colleagues.

You’ll also need to be prepared for some people to automatically mistrust you. Some people hold a stigma about sales companies, occasionally calling even major companies such as ACN scams. The opportunities that a sales job provides you, however, are immense. It teaches you to be persistent and forge special relationships between yourself and others. If you are considering a sales job, you likely have these qualities already. In order to be successful in this field, it is vital that you hone them as much as possible. If you do, the moment you make that first pitch, you’ll know why you prepared.