Break the glass ceiling and lead like a lady in a male dominated world.

Globally, women earn only three-quarters as much as men—even with the same level of education, and in the same occupation,” This means that women generally have to go to greater lengths personally and professionally to reach the top. It’s a sad reality that in 2017 women are still having to fight for equality. And not for a minute am I implying that men are worth any less- of course not. Just that women, who work just as hard, give out just as much should have the same rights and entitlements as men.

As women, we have some unique qualities to enable us to be super successful business people. Women are savvy, unique and perceptive. They have an insight and instinct all on their own. That doesn’t mean though that achieving success in a man’s world will be easy. In fact, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Where it seems at times men come by things easily in a corporate world, a woman must fight against the glass ceiling to be a leader.

Learning just a few tips to be a successful leader can be the difference between acquiring your desires or floundering against the system.

Here are just a few strategies that you can implement to help you reach your business and career goals.

– Believe in your abilities to be successful

This one should go without saying. Unfortunately, females often struggle with believing in ourselves. So much of society and the world around you has been set to make you question your abilities and your places outside of the home that we often forget what capable, amazing beings we are. In the workplace, women are often sexualized and made to feel inadequate. This only furthers the need to believe in yourself and let the comments not break you down or destroy your own self worth. What others say reflects themselves and their own insecurities more than it is about who you really are.

Believing in yourself can be difficult, but it is a key part of your success in reaching where you want to be. If you believe you can do something, with all your heart and soul, very little will stand in the way of reaching those goals and aspirations.

– Trust your Gut–  don’t be intimidated or bullied

Females are intuitive beings. You have gut feelings and intuition. You are hardwired to feel the world around you and empathically pick up on the things that just don’t feel right. When it doesn’t feel right, and your gut is screaming at you not to do things or that something is not right, you need to trust it. Don’t let anyone deflate your feelings or intuition. Others will attempt to bully you to gain their ways, to make you second guess that hardwired intuition. Do not allow them to walk over you. Utilize your voice, stand up for yourself and be the strong, confident woman you are.

There may be times that the bullies push back hard. Unfortunately, workplace bullying and harassment is a real thing, and even though sometimes subtle can have a great impact on an individual’s future. If your feeling harassed, violated or even sexually discriminated trust your instincts and make a report. Women shouldn’t feel like they don’t have a voice to be heard when something isn’t right.

– Be a good example – maybe even mentor someone.

Standing up for yourself, trusting in yourself and believing in yourself will automatically place you in a position where other woman may look up to you or want to emulate you and your behaviours. Be proud of this. Show them that it is okay to be a female in a leadership position. Show them that being a strong leader takes resilience and at times self-reliance.

Broken systems don’t change overnight, but a slow trickle will eventually erode the hardest of stones. The more women who look up to you and see that women can be strong leaders, the more they will feel safe and capable of doing the same thing.

Understanding, as you achieve higher levels and begin to reach your goals, there will be more woman and young girls looking up to you. Be humble. Remember where you are now and the time and effort it has taken to get your where you are, and that without support and inner strength you may never have made such strides.

– Build a support network and use it

Support can be vital. It is very hard to battle to the top of anything without support. Having a strong support network can help on the harder days. A support network can help hold you up on the tougher days. They can remind you that you can do whatever you put your mind to, and help cheer you on along the way. They can turn negative thoughts to positive ones and assist you in getting through any dark times you may encounter.

Being a female leader in a man’s world takes effort and perseverance. With support, believing in yourself and your intuition, and proving yourself as a role model, you will be a success in your endeavours. When you feel yourself losing hope or needing that little extra, remember there is a tribe of women breaking historical ideas of what a woman can and can not do, and you are one of them. It may not be easy, but nothing worth fighting for ever is. You’ve got this girl!