The term bird flu grabbed the attention of millions of people. But, do you know what exactly bird flu is? Many of the people wonder, if they have the symptoms of bird flu. Most of the doctors and clinics are flooded with visitors with people suffering from Bird flu. Everyone is so terrified of the symptoms of bird flu and some people even stopped to go into crowds due to the fear of bird flu. But only a few people know the exact symptoms and treatment of bird flu.

What exactly bird flu is?

It is a virus present in birds that can also spread to human beings as well as other animals. The name of the virus is influenza that basically infects birds and is highly potential that it can transfer from birds to persons easily. If a person comes in direct contact with the infected bird, then the virus gets easily transferred to the person and may even lead to the death of that person. Bird flu can be categorized into various varieties based on the severity of the virus. Bird flu became common in many countries of the world and killed millions of people and birds. It is very important to treat the disease properly, as it has the capability of spreading quickly and causes death. The official name of the virus that results in bird flu is H5N1.

Symptoms of Bird flu


Bird flu disease is very fatal and can spread quickly from one person to the other. It has got similar symptoms as any other flu, but may be sometimes severe compared to other flu. In birds the virus can cause difficulty in breathing, diarrhea, swollen head and excessive shedding. The first occurring symptom of bird flu in humans is sore throat, fever, weakness of muscles, cough and conjunctivitis. Sometimes respiratory diseases can be mistaken for bird flu. But, the confirmation of the disease can be done by blood test. Some severe symptoms are eye infections, pneumonia, acute breathing difficulty, inflammation of brain and heart etc. If anybody have any reason to suspect the above symptoms are present, then one should immediately seek medical help. If the disease is diagnosed at an earlier stage than it can be fought in a better way.

Treatment of bird flu

There are certain treatments that are available to cure this disease. The infected person can be treated with anti-viral medicines that have the ability to stop the virus from spreading. The drugs like – Relenza and Tamiflu are very effective in curing bird flu and can sometimes reduce the duration of the illness and improve the health quickly. If both the above said medicines are taken within 2 days of experiencing the symptoms, then the virus can be controlled easily from spreading inside the body.

How to prevent bird flu

People must wash their hands properly after handling meat and chicken. One should cook the chicken at a very high temperature and clean the kitchen surfaces properly after cooking. Avoid contact with wild birds and in case of any bird dies in your area, report to the concern authorities immediately.