Best 5 Tips for Enterprise Mobile App Development

The world we live in is called the Digital World. So to achieve success in this Digital World, we will have to adopt new and more digital ways. Ways that can make your company a real digital brand. One such great and satisfying way is developing enterprise mobile apps. Mobiles…

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How to Spy On Someone Else’s Mobile Phone

Spying is something that you definitely feel the need of at some point in your life. Whether you are a wife who is suspicious about her husband having an affair, an over concerned mother, or an employer who is doubtful about the activities of its workers, you might have to…

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Kotlin: New Programming Language for Android

Android development is the segment which comes with the best trends for the developers and they can develop the best apps for Android platform! Are you an android developer? Do you develop the apps for Android platform? If the answer to the above question is a yes, then you have…

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Strategic keys to assist you in choosing the crucial features for your mobile application

Planning is the primary step to be deeply manipulated before initiating the development of a particular product. The success of a product directly varies, with the planning of the key sub-components, to be developed for the whole product. Hence, it is essential to document a precise Product Requirement Document (…

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Top 5 Best android smartphones under 15,000

It always feels good to have more at less price. Are you looking for the best android smartphones? Here’s a list of what we think are the best mobile phones in India for 2017 based on their specs. These are the best phones available in the market right now, including…

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Scanning Apps which promote a paperless world

Technology has advanced such that in the case of the camera for instance which was big initially saw a reduction in size and compactness. Now technology has integrated cameras with smartphones as well. The rapid advancement of technology is aiding the people all over the globe and with it comes the…

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Whatsapp Video Calling Feature for Android Users

For Android Users the long awaited and highly anticipated Whatsapp video calling feature has finally arrived. Whatsapp owned by the popular social networking site Facebook has started giving out the highly expected video calling feature to android users. However currently  only android beta testers have the latest update available. This…

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