Strategic keys to assist you in choosing the crucial features for your mobile application

Planning is the primary step to be deeply manipulated before initiating the development of a particular product. The success of a product directly varies, with the planning of the key sub-components, to be developed for the whole product. Hence, it is essential to document a precise Product Requirement Document (…

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So The App Store Exhibiting Something Radical

Recently Apple fans had a fete of 10 year anniversary ever since original iPhone unveiled back on the remarkable day of January 9, 2007. But the spirit of celebration escalated even more when the relinquishment of iOS 10.3 beta 1 came into the picture. Although it is considered on the…

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4 Awesome Things You Never Knew You Could Do with Your iPhone

iPhones have been incredibly popular for years now, and every updated generation seems to release more features the public begins to rely on for daily tasks. Even though there are millions of iPhone users in the United States, and even more around the world, a lot of people are clueless…

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5 Business Lessons Gleaned from Today’s Innovative Companies

As any entrepreneur knows, starting a business is no easy feat. Through the trials, failures and tears, though, starting your own company can be the most rewarding decision of your life. Many of today’s successful entrepreneurs and tech business owners are all too familiar with the struggle. Read on for…

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Extra layer of protection against hackers for Apple’s messaging – what else can be done?

Apple has recently decided to increase the level of protection against hackers for its FaceTime and iMessages services. The tech company has implemented additional login in steps to help make the video chat and messaging systems feel more secure. A two-step authentication feature will be added in order to guarantee…

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Four Reasons to Choose an Apple Distinguished Program for your Academic Experience

When we think of Apple, we might think of long lines outside the Apple store on the release-day of the new iPhone, or the company’s touching commercials, or even Steve Jobs. While Apple is a distinguished leader in the world of technology, they also use their power to impact realms…

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