8 Live Chat App to Consider For Your Shopify Store

The trouble that many individuals face while shopping online is that they are disconnected from those who are answerable to their questions in real time and also with precision. To cope with this trouble and stop potential customers to just click away from the e-commerce sites, many entrepreneurs have been…

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Strategic keys to assist you in choosing the crucial features for your mobile application

Planning is the primary step to be deeply manipulated before initiating the development of a particular product. The success of a product directly varies, with the planning of the key sub-components, to be developed for the whole product. Hence, it is essential to document a precise Product Requirement Document (…

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Social Media Integration in Apps: Need and Importance

In the world of app development, social media is gaining popularity. And now it has become an inseparable part of the industry. With the growing competition in the app business, social media is most relevant than any time before. Getting the downloads and high retention rates are not a piece…

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Top 5 Myths That Surround Mobile Application Development

As today companies are trying for process improvement and boost efficiency, enterprise mobility answers surface to make employees more lucrative and much more effective in the workplace. The popularity of mobile applications has increased by leaps and bounds as the potential success for designers and the benefits for end-users of…

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Scanning Apps which promote a paperless world

Technology has advanced such that in the case of the camera for instance which was big initially saw a reduction in size and compactness. Now technology has integrated cameras with smartphones as well. The rapid advancement of technology is aiding the people all over the globe and with it comes the…

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So The App Store Exhibiting Something Radical

Recently Apple fans had a fete of 10 year anniversary ever since original iPhone unveiled back on the remarkable day of January 9, 2007. But the spirit of celebration escalated even more when the relinquishment of iOS 10.3 beta 1 came into the picture. Although it is considered on the…

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