Creative Customer Care: How to Cultivate Good Customer Relationships

One of the easiest ways to stay in business is by treating your customers right. You treat your customers right by developing good relationships with them. How can you go about creating and developing these relationships that make you patrons feel valued and eager to buy your goods or services…

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How the Gig Economy is Changing Marketing Technology

“The freelance workforce is the fastest-growing component of the economy. Figuring out where it is going is the most pressing question of our digital age. . .” – Louis Hyman, Associate Professor & Director of the Institute for Office Studies, Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations Up until…

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How Your Business Can Assure Customers That Your Employees are Treated Fairly

Today’s consumers are putting their money where their mouths are. They want to know that the places where they spend their money are treating employees and suppliers in a fair way. Your business can use these four strategies in order to assure customers that all employees are treated fairly, paid…

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