Why Your Company’s Niche Should Direct Your Social Media Strategy

Twitter. Facebook. Pinterest. LinkedIn. Which one/s should you choose? All of them? None of them? Some of them? The last answer is the most correct, though all social media sites have merit. That’s why it’s so important that you create your social media plan according to your business’s niche. The…

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Social Media Integration in Apps: Need and Importance

In the world of app development, social media is gaining popularity. And now it has become an inseparable part of the industry. With the growing competition in the app business, social media is most relevant than any time before. Getting the downloads and high retention rates are not a piece…

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Don’t Be a Share Bear: 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Share Your Kids’ Photos on Facebook

‘The most photographed child in the world’ That’s the title we gave to our first grandchild…and rightly so. I have never seen so many cameras aimed at a newborn and flashing away, except, perhaps for celebrity babies. Advances in technology have made it easier for people to access cameras so…

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When to Post? Look to Facebook Analytics for Answers

Marketers have a bevy of numbers and figures at their disposal these days. All of these metrics are intended to analyze the effectiveness of past marketing decisions and plan future ones. But while this information is helpful, too much data can be overwhelming and counterproductive and Facebook’s Audience Insights are…

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Creating and Promoting A Successful Facebook Marketing Campaign

The Internet has opened up huge opportunities to gain market share using new spins on traditional strategies. Facebook offers engagement strategies that generate brand awareness with never before seen ROI, according to an Epoka University study. Because of its 1.3 billion subscribers, marketing research and experimentation is relatively easy on…

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5 Vital Components of Social Media Style Guide

Social media engagement is one of the reasons many online marketers generate more profits on their businesses. If you’re part of the competitive digital world of  marketers, you probably get what I mean. Social media plays a huge part in any businesses and it is no longer debated. When social…

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