Busy Life: How to Stay Fit and Healthy

In today’s hectic world, it’s difficult to balance all your obligations and a healthy lifestyle that will help you stay fit. Difficult, but not impossible. There are certain things you can do and not let your busy schedule get in the way. 1. Workout any way you can The important…

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Top 5 Best Fitness Apps for Android, To Help You Go From Fat To Fit

Let’s face it, gaining weight seems like the easiest thing to do, and it doesn’t even require any efforts as such. The real nightmare comes when you’re required to shed all that weight! Yes, gaining weight is easy but losing weight can be a cumbersome task. However, it is certainly…

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Are You A Runner? What You Should Learn From Bernard Lagat

I was going through the Wall Street Journal a one point last month and happened to stumble across an article that paralleled a big interest and practice of mine: running. Since I spend many hours at my desk preparing content for Direct TV Texas, I have found it necessary to…

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