iPhone 5S or Galaxy S5: Which One Is Better for Business?

Since the first Apple iPhone in 2007, more than 100 new models from a handful of competitors entered the arena. While the iPhone is still enjoying its head start, the Samsung Galaxy S is nipping at its heels. In the consumer landscape, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is currently outselling the…

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Explore the Virtual World with Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Samsung has captured a majority share of the tablet market with its smart tablet devices. Samsung has launched a number of tablets in the past which cater to the different needs of people. Samsung Tab Mini is a smart mid-way substitute between a compact phone and a laptop. Samsung phablets such…

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HTC One Mini & Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Launching smaller, lighter and sleeker version of popular smartphones has proven profitable for manufacturers in the past. Following suite with the trend, Samsung and HTC released the smaller smartphone of their respective models Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One. The consequent models are Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and HTC One…

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Top 5 Big Screen Phones Of 2013

Big-screen phones are often the choice of those who are looking for the features of a smartphone, and desiring to use it as a tablet as well. While Samsung initially set the trend by launching large-screen phones, other phone-makers have taken the cue and launched top-notch phones with big screens.…

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Top 5 Budget Android Phones

Android phones generally come with a number of excellent features. That explains the demand for these phones! That’s also the reason why android phones are being released virtually every day. But despite having such a wide array of choice, the common man doesn’t find buying a phone very easy. That’s…

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Sony Xperia Z vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 Active: which is a better waterproof phone?

Phones these days, especially smartphones, seem to come laden with the most technologically advanced features possible all the time. Developers are keen on taking all modern technologies available and then cramming them in a small case. More often than not, these phones do not stand the test of time. What…

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Mobile Showdown – Samsung Galaxy S4 v/s HTC One – Which one should you choose?

HTC and Samsung are neck to neck in this one where we check which one is the better phone among the 2, is it the Samsung Galaxy S4 or the HTC One; let’s find out in the showdown. Let’s start with the physical appearance and then we will move on…

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