Social Media Integration in Apps: Need and Importance

In the world of app development, social media is gaining popularity. And now it has become an inseparable part of the industry. With the growing competition in the app business, social media is most relevant than any time before. Getting the downloads and high retention rates are not a piece…

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6 Tips to Engage People on Your Instagram

Nowadays, the competition among businesses is rising by leaps and bounds. Every marketer is trying his or her level best to grab the attention of buyers. For that reason, marketers spend a lot of resources for mobilizing marketing gears. Beforehand, a business owner should know what prospects expect from a…

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5 Vital Components of Social Media Style Guide

Social media engagement is one of the reasons many online marketers generate more profits on their businesses. If you’re part of the competitive digital world of  marketers, you probably get what I mean. Social media plays a huge part in any businesses and it is no longer debated. When social…

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Instagram coming to Android “very soon”

Android users, your time has almost come. The extremely popular photo-sharing iPhone app Instagram has revealed that an Android version is in beta testing and should be coming soon. The app has 27 million registered users now and it was the “iPhone App Of The Year 2011“. If you’re unfamiliar…

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