Best 5 Tips for Enterprise Mobile App Development

The world we live in is called the Digital World. So to achieve success in this Digital World, we will have to adopt new and more digital ways. Ways that can make your company a real digital brand. One such great and satisfying way is developing enterprise mobile apps. Mobiles…

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So The App Store Exhibiting Something Radical

Recently Apple fans had a fete of 10 year anniversary ever since original iPhone unveiled back on the remarkable day of January 9, 2007. But the spirit of celebration escalated even more when the relinquishment of iOS 10.3 beta 1 came into the picture. Although it is considered on the…

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Right ways that contribute to make your Travel App a success

Mobile applications play a vital role to boost the travel industry on a global level, however in case there is an app that failed to entice your users, then maybe because it failed to target the right audience or lacked relevance or may it is not having the best-selling features. Keen…

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Seamlessly Transition From Desktop to Tablet With These Tools

For awhile now you’ve wanted to consolidate your desktop and laptop into a high-powered tablet, but you’re still worried about fitting everything you need for both work and play. You don’t want to lose any of your important documents or processing power, so you’re looking at the new iPad Air…

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How to Improve Battery Life of Any Mobile Device

Despite their make or model battery issues continue to persist with smartphones. Devices and their associated apps might make us more productive and connect us with our family and friends on the go but they also cause our phones to frequently run out of power, especially when we need them…

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Siri is My Co-Pilot: Is Apple’s New CarPlay System More Dangerous than Helpful?

Apple has recently announced that they will be releasing CarPlay, an in-car infotainment system driven by Siri. This announcement comes on the heels of a similar Android announcement regarding several major car brands. While many are excited, others believe these developments could pose significant safety risks. Generally, the purpose of…

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