Facebook Security Fault Found on iPhone, Android Devices

Lately a security fault has been discovered in Facebook‘s mobile apps that can be easily exploited by hackers to retrieve your personal information about anyone. Facebook’s apps that are made for iOS and android devices don’t encrypt your login information that makes it highly insecure for the users. According to…

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The main differences between new iPad and iPad2

After successful release of iPad 2 Apple has announced about the release of new iPad (iPad3) last week. There were lot of rumors and speculation about the new iPad and some rumors came true. The new iPad comes with spectacular features like “Retina display“, “5MP camera” and “4G LTE”. While…

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Instagram coming to Android “very soon”

Android users, your time has almost come. The extremely popular photo-sharing iPhone app Instagram has revealed that an Android version is in beta testing and should be coming soon. The app has 27 million registered users now and it was the “iPhone App Of The Year 2011“. If you’re unfamiliar…

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3 Free Alternative iPhone apps to Siri

Last year Apple launched new iPhone model iPhone 4S with coolest voice activated personal assistant app Siri. It lets you use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, and more. You don’t need to worry if you’re using an old iPhone, because there are other good voice-recognition…

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What are the Ultimate Features of iPhone 5 from developers point of view

The iPhone 4S has helped Apple achieve one of its most profitable quarters since its foundation. However, many were expecting a more revolutionary device and not the evolutionary mobile which they ultimately received. For the sixth iPhone, which some are expecting to be called the iPhone 5, Apple is almost…

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