Scanning Apps which promote a paperless world

Technology has advanced such that in the case of the camera for instance which was big initially saw a reduction in size and compactness. Now technology has integrated cameras with smartphones as well. The rapid advancement of technology is aiding the people all over the globe and with it comes the…

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Extra layer of protection against hackers for Apple’s messaging – what else can be done?

Apple has recently decided to increase the level of protection against hackers for its FaceTime and iMessages services. The tech company has implemented additional login in steps to help make the video chat and messaging systems feel more secure. A two-step authentication feature will be added in order to guarantee…

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Seamlessly Transition From Desktop to Tablet With These Tools

For awhile now you’ve wanted to consolidate your desktop and laptop into a high-powered tablet, but you’re still worried about fitting everything you need for both work and play. You don’t want to lose any of your important documents or processing power, so you’re looking at the new iPad Air…

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5 Amazing Medical Science Accessories for Tablets

In the past several years, doctors have quickly integrated tablets into medical science. Why do practitioners find them invaluable when making rounds? For starters, medical discoveries happen so quickly it can be tough to keep up without a computer in your pocket or by your side, for reference. Also, a…

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5 iPhone and iPad games – here are some favorites this year

There’s a never ending stream of new games coming out for your iPhone or iPad. Millions of people around the world who own an iDevice also own at least 3-4 games. Now, as far as the genres are concerned, the variety is endless. Whether you’re a puzzle’s guy with a…

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