Scanning Apps which promote a paperless world

Technology has advanced such that in the case of the camera for instance which was big initially saw a reduction in size and compactness. Now technology has integrated cameras with smartphones as well. The rapid advancement of technology is aiding the people all over the globe and with it comes the…

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How to Make a Perfect PowerPoint Presentation?

Professional PowerPoint now has become one of the most indispensible tools for any individual or organization. People who are working on some projects through which they can present their ideas before the audience are using professional PowerPoint templates so that they can have a perfect presentation. However, if you are…

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Hilarious Microsoft Windows 8 video campaigns gone viral

You may have seen lots of Windows ads, but whoever filmed these insane, absurdist Asian promo videos deserves a raise. These videos were created to promote Microsoft‘s Windows 8 operating system, which launched in October 2012 worldwide. It’s possible that the trio of clips below that titled Windows 8 Training…

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Is Windows 8 Affecting The Laptop Industry?

The much talked about Windows 8 has indeed had a significant impact on the laptop industry in recent times. Companies such as Sony and HP Laptops have reduced the costs of their laptop models, because of this operating system. The extent of this impact can be understood by analysing the…

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