Do What You Love: How to Turn Your Hobby into a Business Opportunity

One of the most exciting experiences in life is finding a hobby that brings you deep, sustained joy or excitement. When you find this hobby, you may want to turn it into a business so that it can become and remain an integral element of your life. If you’ve recently…

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Top 5 Myths That Surround Mobile Application Development

As today companies are trying for process improvement and boost efficiency, enterprise mobility answers surface to make employees more lucrative and much more effective in the workplace. The popularity of mobile applications has increased by leaps and bounds as the potential success for designers and the benefits for end-users of…

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Top 3 Mobile Friendly Website Design Tips You Should Avoid

Mobile is the necessity of the today’s generation. Everyone is busy with their mobile and it is used for variety of purposes like calling, surfing over Internet, viewing websites, online shopping and lots more. Thus, to ensure higher profitability, your business website design should be inspired from the mobile friendly…

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Mobile App Testing Best Practices, Tools and Resources

Mobile application testing is considered as one of the important term or the part of software testing, as it is used to verify and validate the overall functioning of the mobile apps. Day by day, we see the drastic growth in mobile app development, as each day, so many mobile…

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